Friday, January 7, 2011

Coco Loco

Remember Berit's earring post from a while back?
Remember how BADASS those earrings were?
Well, while christmas shopping in Fremont with Berit,
we found this GREAT booth in the miscellaneous market run by a company called Coco Loco.
Here is their website:
Perhaps Berit will post a picture of the earring she got- they are pretty bomb.

They sell organically made earrings and expanders.
They are affiliated with about a million awesome organizations:
(Dreamers for Darfur donates all proceeds),
(which travels around teaching kids about the environment and plants trees with them), American Forests and Global relief
(they plant one tree in a ecologically damaged area for every piece sold)
(an organization of businesses that use environmentally responsible and fair trading practices)

The best part? They have AMAZING prices!
I just ordered this pair that were on sale for FIVE DOLLARS... say whattttttttt?!

These are a few I've got my eye on
don't they look like fangs?
Perhaps for my birthday :D
Check them out!


p.s. I perhaps used an excess of ellipses in this post... but I love ellipses... soo...
p.p.s. gelato
anthropologie (the store)
anthropology (the science)
picasso (and the seattle art museum)
late night drives
good friends :D

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