Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Favorites!

Cozy sweaters, cider, falling leaves, crisp air, pumpkin pie...
Fall is magical and wonderful.
Here are some of my favorite beauty products for the Autumn months:

China Glaze in Ravishing Dahling
Dark, deep, sexy.  Halloweeny and mysterious!
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Bronzer in Deep Bronze

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OOTD/A Crafter's Wet Dream

Today I took myself on a date to Mahmoudpaşa, a tangle of streets wedged between the Grand and Egyptian Bazaars that are packed to the gills with street vendors selling scarves, football jerseys, tea sets, and, most wonderfully, craft supplies. Imagine all the sequins in the whole world crammed into tiny basement shops and strings of semiprecious stones hanging from the walls.

I nearly had to take out my smelling salts, y'all.

(Outfit: Dress, Yargıcı, also seen here; muscle tank, Zara; flats, Benetton; sweater, street stall; cuff, Mango)
 (Just a few of my purchases: druzy, fang, and evil eye charms for about $10 USD!)

I've been having a lot of fun layering less delicate pieces with this dress, and although I try to avoid muscle tanks that scream "KATE MOSS WOULD TOTALLY WEAR THIS!!!" I was really won over by the flattering cut and the textured linen-cotton blend.

I bought the sweater for about 10USD from a street stall. It's acrylic but has the softness and warmth of cashmere. Half-sleeved sweaters are one of those things that make no real sense but are actually incredibly handy...

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sunday night was the Emmy awards, and I have a few things to say about that fashion!
This comes, like the Harry Potter Series, in 7 parts.

1) I am so excited about all the structured, architectural details that are on trend. 
Sexy, edgy, figure flattering...
                                                    Zosie Mamet                                 Emily Van Camp
                                               in Bihbu Mahopatra                                in J. Mendel
                                           Jenna Malone                                                Glenn Close
                                                in J. Mendel                                       in Bihbu Mahopatra 
                          (watch that Angelina leg sweetheart!)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Periwinkle Sparkle French Tips: Party Time Weekend Edition!

I just had to brag about these, you guys. Because I did 'em free hand! All by myself! I'll be sitting absolutely still for the next hour in attempts not to smudge them...

What I did:
1) 2 coats sparkle polish
2) Slowly, slowly, paint a thin tip in color of your choice. Add a second coat if necessary.
3) Apply topcoat just as the tips are almost dry- the topcoat won't smudge the tips, but it will smooth them out.
4) Marvel at your mad skillz!


DIY Embellished Shades

 DIY embellished sunglasses are everywhere right now, folks. Inspired by runway looks such as Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, sloughs of fashion bloggers have been posting creative tutorials on how to spruce up your sunnies for cheap!

It goes a little something like this:
Steps 1-3: Hot glue a ton of sparkly shit to your sunglasses.
Step 4: Wear them and be fabulous.

(Top left to right, click for tutorial: Glitter n' Glue, Refinery 29, Studs and Pearls, A Matter of Style)
(The ladies at Nissa Jewelry added some chains to their sunnies- expect to see more of these)

The beauty of this project is that you can be as subtle or outrageous ad you'd like. Pictured above are seed beads, cabochons, nail decals, and even repurposed earrings! Istanbul has a sad lack of craft stores... but it does have a CRAFT DISTRICT. And you can bet that I'll be there this weekend with a keen eye for anything that might look great on a pair of shades. I have a feeling it will be sparkly.

What do you think of these DIY eye candies? Would you rather stick with your unadorned wayfarers?

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