Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Choose Happiness

Hello stylistas!
Wednesday can be a difficult one to get through, no?
It's in the very middle of the week, it's kind of difficult to spell,
and Friday is juuuuust too far away.

To help alleviate your distress,
We decided to put a little love in your day to help you choose happiness,
no matter how rough your week has been!

1) neil patrick harris rocks our world!
2) Some awesome blogs you should check out:
(FAVORITE blog right now, great DIY stuff),
(an inside scoop with the stars of the fashion world),

3) Banana Boat S'Mores. Seriously.

4) Freaking amazing tattoos.
cookies straight out of the oven
a perfect shower temperature and water pressure
touching up nail polish every night to make a manicure last forever
learning to knit
taking time to be lazy
reorganizing a bookshelf
a favorite pair of boots
naturally curly eyelashes
when cars stop so you can cross the street
the prospect of and opportunity to study abroad
loving parents
dandylion wishes

B & Claire

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