Sunday, January 24, 2010


Guess what? Its the best time of year,
(apart from my birthday)
oh how delightful.
So far, we have had:
*The Critics Choice Awards-
and Sandra's impromtu makeout sesh with Meryl
That's right Bradley Cooper, you just keep on grinning
* The Golden Globes (possibly the worst dressed of all time)
*The SAG Awards with the badass Betty White winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.
thats right mofo's!
Of course, this is all gearing up for the Great Bambino: The ACADEMY AWARDS!
Kids, buckle up.
First of all, I'm loving the fact that Sandra Bullock just can't lose!
She is so great, with her adorably hardcore husband-
SUCK ON THAT MERYL STREEP ("these canoli's are like a stiff cock!")
Furthermore, can we start a slow clap for Mo'nique?
Sister can act! LOL!
oh, you have come so far. (charm school anyone?)
And ZOMG Jenna Fischer looked so great at the SAG's!
work that side bun
you all should check out her blog.
But Drew Barrymore's GOD AWFUL makeup? No thanks.
Um. Girl. Where are your lips?
Oh my!
Can't WAIT for the Oscars!
love and coconuts

oh. ps.
*key necklaces
*scalping tickets
*dance parties
*ballet shoes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey yo!
I guess I was JK-ing about all those winter break posts... since they clearly never came into existence. What can I say? Berit and I are lazy little bums :D
Nevertheless, I apologize sincerely. I will make it up to you in the very near future. (video entries?!)
The day before returning to college, I realized my bangs were VERY long.
And in the midst of trimming them up, I realized that many of you may not know how to trim your own bangs!!!!!

oh dear.

Essentially, to trim up a side bang, brush your bangs str
aight down, and cut them in an arched diagonal over your eyes.
Then brush them to the side and hold them out from your face and snip upwards into the ends to break up the harsh edge.

Blow dry to the side and clean up any random stray hairs

have a lovely day.

avandia recall