Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clarks Desert Boot: Not Just for the Dudes

Y'all know I'm a huge proponent for gender equality, and that conviction extends to even to -espec─▒ally to- style. Clothing and how it is worn/who wears it has played a historic role in the women's movement (Just a few decades ago women were being kicked out of court for wearing slacks) and is also an important tool for validating self-identity in many spheres of society, gender and ethnicity being just a few.

So when a neat pair of Clarks "Desert Boots" caught my eye and a male friend informed me they're "more of a guy's shoe" I thought to myself: yeah, fuck that. I see this style of shoe frequently worn by men in Seattle but rarely by women. Why should dudes have all the fun when it comes to these delightful kicks? 
 Plus you know I'm a sucker for boots.

Lust List: Clarks Desert Boot
Clarks boots, $155 / Clarks boots / Clarks boots

And here's some ladies showing us how it's done!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Trend: Floral Denim (Istanbul Edition!)

Hi everybody! Berit here, writing from Istanbul, Turkey! I'll be spending the next four months here for school. As always, apologies for our frequent and lengthly hiatuses. Sometimes adventures happen and we forget about blogging.

On my current adventure, however, I've discovered something: Turkish people are stylish. As in, wear whatever the f%*! you want, rock it hard, and wear something completely different the next day.
Their ability to simultaneously hop on trends and flaunt complete relativism to them has me constantly confused and impressed.

In my two weeks here, I've noticed a trend that was just beginning to catch on as I left the US is in full tilt in Istanbul: Floral denim. In homage to an exciting season for denim (patterned denim is and will be huge this year), I put a few looks together to demonstrate the myriad of ways in which floral denim can be flaunted this summer:

On Trend: Floral Denim

Dorothy Perkins rose print dress / rag & bone boat neck shirt / Button shirt / Free People floral jacket / French Connection flared mini skirt / Superdry cable knit socks / rag & bone leather booties / Dune jeweled sandals / Carven slip on flat / Ralph Lauren Collection leather shoulder bag / Felix Rey straw clutch / Marc by Marc Jacobs yellow gold jewelry / Beaded necklace / Wooden jewelry / Miss Selfridge feather hat / Alexis Bittar vintage style sunglasses

 It's important to note that floral jeans can be a little tricky. Depending on their color, pattern, and scale, it might be difficult to find a pair that is flattering to your body type. My favorites are the jeans in muted or same-family tones (pictured above) and faint white printing on regular blue denim (such as in the dress on the right), in a medium-size flower print. They offer intrigue and an element of fashion without overpowering the most important part of the look: you.

What do y'all think? Is this trend one you'll be trying this summer?


Claire's Portfolio

Hello Lovelies!
Here is a link to my online portfolio blog, which I recently created.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello Lovelies!
After a very long hiatus, where I was rather burnt out on blogging, I (Claire) have returned!

I have just come back to the Rain City after 6 months in Israel/Palestine doing study abroad, 

and have returned with much more knowledge 
and a revived desire to share beauty knowledge with the world!

Our fashion expert Berit is currently in Istanbul, Turkey doing her Global Term and working for a women's non-profit.  Wish her luck and send her love! I miss her so!

So without further ado, a few of my favorite products of late:

Amazing, very brightening and moisturizing.  Cheap! 
 I apply it with the brush tip applicator and then blend it out with my finger.  
Available at drugstores

Still my favorite.  I actually swam in this recently, and it didn't budge a bit.  
Holds a curl like no other, adds amazing, clump-free volume, super affordable.
Note: Can be a little crispy (thats what makes it so good at holding a curl) 
Available at drugstores

This is essentially a cheaper Clarisonic.  My skin has improved 10 fold because of daily use.  
Has two speeds,  is waterproof and is superbly superb.
Available for 23$ at Sally Beauty. 
This creamy, mild cleanser is what I use with my iSkin tool.  
It comes with a muslin cloth, which I loved at first but then the muslin cloth was too hard to keep clean.  
The cleanser itself is as good as they come, and is a total bargain.  
It doesn't dry your skin AT ALL, but cleans it incredibly well--
removes every trace of makeup, even waterproof mascara!
Available for 11$ at Target

MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked
This very warm gold brown is perfect on tanned skin in the summer, 
it's shimmery and multidimensional, and super pigmented!
Available at MAC stores, 14$
The water in Israel is essentially pool water, it is so chlorinated.  
It totally fried my hair, but I run this stuff through my ends every day 
and it has been making a huge difference.  Plus, it smells sooooo good.  
Available in salons for 16$

Is exactly what it sounds like.  
A stain that isn't drying or matt, offers a beautiful sheen to the lips 
and comes in a range of insanely gorgeous colors.  
Apply a thin layer, let it dry, then add on top for more color and gloss. 
A splurge that is worth every penny, feels luxurious, looks luxurious, has luxurious packaging...

as they would say on Parks and Recreation: TREAT YO SELF!
Available at Sephora for 32$

Feels like velvet, makes foundation look utterly seamless, 
skin stays matt and foundation lasts forever, especially in the hot summer months.
Definitely a splurge but a little bit goes a loooong way
Available at Sephora for 33$

Let me know in the comments what kind of posts you would like to see coming up, 
I'm a bit out of practice!
If you aren't a fan of commenting on blogspot, 
you can always email us at!


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