Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Business Cards!

Hey everybody! I've got a bunch of exciting things happening with my Etsy shop right now... including a bunch of new items!

I'll also be selling some of my rings in a local art commission shop, so I decided to make some home-made business cards. Here's what my first one looked like- I'll be tweaking it a bit as I go:

I used some "vintage" Old Maid cards found while cleaning out my room. They've got a bit of nostalgic value, as I remember playing them with my grandmother as a child :)

I started by tracing the card on the paper you see them laying on and gluing it to the back of the card.

After hole-punching through the card and the new backing, I looped through a ribbon that I can also use to fasten a ring to the card.

On the back I glued on another layer of vintage notecard, and ruined it with my horrible first-grader handwriting. Oh well! As my mother pointed out, my generation is made of typists rather than writers... kind of sad :(

There you have it! A cheap and creative way to make business/personal cards. Just make sure you've got ample time, as it can be a little tedious.

Hope your week is amazing!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Trend: Lightweight Button-Ups

In September, I'll be heading back to Southern California- but this time I'll be living in inner-city Los Angeles, completing a required program for my major. A huge part of this experience will be interning with a non-profit organization, which I'm so excited about (Of course I'll keep y'all posted on my experiences there!).

Living in an (at times) insanely hot concrete jungle won't allow me any excuses for wearing tank tops and cutoffs every day- I'll still have to dress like a professional for my professional obligations. That's why I've been really liking the idea of gauzy, lightweight buttons ups that will retain a stylish but professional look while keeping me cool.

Here's a long-sleeved version of a top I just got for a steal on HauteLook (click here to join!).

I couldn't get an actual photo of it, but you get the general idea. Lightweight, dressy enough for dark slacks but also endlessly versatile! Here's some other great examples:

Also, PROJECT RUNWAY STARTS THURSDAY. I believe the show is splitting its time between New York and LA... either way it'll be entertaining as usual. But don't forget to read the news sometimes, too...


Monday, July 18, 2011

Outfit Post: Sailor Stripes

When I was in the Bay Area a week ago I visited a really, truly wonderful vintage and used consignment shop called "Black & Brown." If you're familiar with Seattle vintage shops, think Red Light- but more every day wear and waaaay less pricey.

I scored this vintage skirt for $16 along with a great teal dress and a comfy flannel! I've been trying to push myself to mix & match patterns, stripes, and textures more often, so here's my latest try!

(Top, H&M; skirt, vintage Black & Brown; belt, thrifted; heels, MIA; necklace, vintage; earrings, self-made via my Etsy)

What are your favorite patters to mix together? New post on health coming soon! :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Trend: Graduated Sparkle Nails

Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a fun, relaxing and moderately redneck 4th of July! Here's a trend that's caught my attention lately... Graduated/Ombre sparkle nails!

As with most things in life, this style can look either really cool or really tacky. Emily on Cupcakes & Cashmere wrote a great, fool-proof tutorial with the ever-hip technique of glitzing up only her ring fingers:

And here's my poorly-photographed version, with coral and gold. If you know me, you know I love nail polish, and this was a super easy way to spice (or sparkle, lulz) things up a bit! I accidentally went a little too heavy with the sparkles, but what can I say, I'm drawn to shiny like a crow.

A random photo off the interwebs, but the topcoat only with the sparkles looks great, too!

All it takes is a normal manicure and a bottle of sparkles (from the craft store or your local beauty supply, just make sure they're pretty small.) I always start off with base coat (it'll protect your nails from the undeniably yucky chemicals in the polish.), add the color, and then apply a topcoat. Add another small bit of topcoat to the tip of the nail and use a small paint brush to apply the sparkles- you can either sprinkle them on or brush them on for a more controlled graduated look.




My little brother Todd just got back from rowing in the Henley Royal Regatta-
And when he left, I asked him to bring me back a few specific products that come highly recommended but cannot be found easily in the US.
Now, I was expecting them to be pretty good.
THIS MAKEUP IS EPICALLY AWESOME. Like all things British, I imagine.
(as Harry Potter draws closer, my obsession with the Brits is getting crazy!)

First, is the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder.
It looks and SMELLS like chocolate.
It smells so good, the kids I nanny make me put it on their hands so they can sniff it all day.
Plus, it gives a gorgeous, matte, natural sun-kissed glow.
Just a little on the tops of your cheek bones and temples looks absolutely gorgeous.

Second, is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.
I'm just going to flat out say that this is among the top 5 concealers in the world.
It blends beautifully, stays forever, looks natural, and covers everything.

Now, these products are super cheap in the UK,
but harder to get and thus more pricey in the US.
They CAN be purchased on Amazon and Ebay,
but you should just make some British friends, or better yet GO TO ENGLAND!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Little Summer Happy

Hello lovelies!
Here is some wonderful:
Hoping you are having a magical summer!
B & C

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brown Mascara

Mascara is a miraculous thing,
for many people it is the only product they wear daily,
and it is truly transformative in the best, most subtle way.
However, not everyone was born with naturally dark eyelashes- for example, gingers-
but brown mascara can be hard to find.
If you like how black mascara looks, rock it, just know there are options out there!

Here are some great mascaras that come in reliable brown shades:
Eco Bella- 5$ environmentally friendly!

Just a tip- some stores don't keep lots of brown in stock, so your best bet is to order online.
Good luck
Stay lovely

avandia recall