Thursday, January 20, 2011

Michelle Obama!

Just a few days ago President Hu Jintao of China arrived in the states to talk business with our president. Wanna know what the ever-so-stylish Michelle Obama wore to the state dinner?

Alexander McQueen (as designed by Sarah Burton)!!!!!!!!

I have always loved the current first lady's sense of style, but she just gained so many respect points in my book!!

This is one of my new favorite fashion blogs- it follows in detail the fashion forays (and diplomatic deeds) of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sorry for the hiatus, I've never been terribly great at transitioning back and forth between school and home. Oh, and also that I have hundreds of pages to read between classes. That too.

Love you all, hope the new year is treating you well!!


P.S. Here's an article from NYMag discussing the many reactions (political and fashion-related) to Mrs. Obama's dress, including the sentiments of Oscar De la Renta.

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  1. I love you B! I agreeeeee, love this dress on her!


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