Sunday, September 26, 2010

Total Boss: Naeem Khan

This week on Project Runway (LOVE Mondo and Gretchen, but more on that later), the guest judge was Naeem Khan, an Indian-born designer. I was looking at some of his designs online and realized that he designed a leather moto jacked I'd drooled over in Marie Claire's September issue.

(Jacket is pictured on the far right)

Plus, I had to give Khan props for giving real constructive criticism. All too often PR's got designers like (fantastic, don't get me wrong) Donatella Versace or someone sitting there repeating, "I loave zis. I 'ate zat."


Hope you're all having a fabulous week so far!


DIY: Rainbow Hair!

I love my hair.
I used to spend 200$ to get it done by someone else.
yeah... no.
Here is how to do it all by your wantsy, savvy?

1) Get streaks bleached at a salon.
This is a splurge, but you don't want to try and do it yourself.
Also you only ever need to bleach your hair once,
since it doesn't fade or anything.
2) Choose your color (s)
Special Effects Dye is the best brand,
it lasts forever and the colors are great.
Available online at
3) Get some tint brushes- like 99 cents at any beauty supply store
4) Get some small disposable bowls for the color
5) Get some vinegar-at least 3 cups.
6) Prepare some tinfoil sheets. Cut as many as the streaks you have.
7) Get some bobby pins.

1) lay down newspaper. this stuff will make a mess.
2) put your color in the bowl. use small amounts at a time so you don't waste any.
3) wash your hair REALLY well- until it feel dry and squeaky.
this roughens up the cuticle for the color
4) go through your hair and pick out the bleached streaks-
pin everything else to your head with the bobby pins.
5) place a foil directly up to your scalp, and using the tint brush,
paint enough to saturate the hair.
fold up the foil as neatly as possible-
this will help prevent it from hurting when you take it out.
6) once all your foils are in, either run a flat iron over all the foils
or blow-dry your head for 2 minutes in high heat.
7) doodle around for half an hour
8) unfold the foils, and unpin the rest of your hair
9) pour the vinegar all over your hair- this will help to seal the color in
10) stick your head upside down in the sink or the bathtub
and rinse as much color out as you can
11) use a color safe shampoo and wash your hair twice vigorously.
you don't want color residue to get on your clothes or anything
12) condition your hair for 2 minutes to seal the cuticle.
13) blow dry your hair.
you don't actually need to do this for any purpose other than to see the finished product!



down comforters
pretty tights
running water
birth control
yoga clothes

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Temporary Tattoos, Revisited

Remember that post I made on temporary tattoos by Chanel and Urban Decay?

Well, now Beyonce's in on it too!

She's (meaning her brand, Deréon) teamed up with Temptu and will be selling theiundoubtedly fabulously fierce tats at Sephora starting November 1st.

Told you so!


Fun With Formals!

Last night my uni (lolz) hosted a semi-formal event that is usually black and white themed, but this year it was "modern vintage"... whatever that means. We took it as a cue to add a little vintage class to our outfits; I added red lipstick and nail polish along with a red headband for a little pop:

The classy ladies!
(Skirt, TJMaxx; top, borrowed; brogue heels, Value Village; belt, thrifted; spider earrings, Fremont Market; headband, F21)

These sweet spider earrings added a nice little creepy-ish touch to the ensemble :3

Details of my ridiculous skirt that made me feel like a cabaret dancer the whole night...

We don't get many opportunities to dress up at school, so it was a welcomed opportunity! Huzzah!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


so cute.
i can't wait!
well, i can- but i'm excited!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Posh Spice

Story Time!
When I was in second grade, a group of my friends and I wanted to be the Spice Girls.
It made total sense, we would just take their places!
Everyone was designated a specific Spice, and for whatever reason- I was Posh.

So, when during Berit's clothing swap,
I was trying desperately to find something that would fit me
(being the only person over a size 9 is problematic)
when I found this dress among my friend Natalie's things.
Because of how tiny she is, it probably made her look like Queen Elizabeth.
But on me it was SKIN TIGHT. I actually couldn't separate my thighs.
However, I took it because it reminded me of Posh Spice,
and that little second grader in me was gleeful.
Sooooo I got to college, and I lost a little more weight, and
the dress fits!
are some pictures of my favorite item I got at the clothing swap.

the 5 inch stilettos were a must
the typical Posh pose.
surprisingly difficult to hold
(much to the amusement of my roommate)

so there

Belated Outfit Post, Eternally Awkward

Last night I was desperately trying to finish my homework before sleep inevitably set in and I thought to myself, "screw it. blog." (Although in my sleep-deprived state I apparently never actually posted it, so here it is)

Lately I've really been digging classic button-ups. They can be worn over dark jeans, tucked into skirts, hidden under piles of necklaces and bangles, and of course can be a classy touch when you've got a more professional task at hand.

(Button-up, Goodwill; skirt, Target; belt, Goodwill; boots, GeeWaWa; necklace, self-made; earrings, Garuda)

All summer I searched for one that had a more relaxed fit. I found the one seen above at Goodwill for $5, it's some weird blend but it's soo comfy and has a really nice slouchy look. It's almost more of a tunic and came with a hideous braided gold belt sewn on, but thank goodness for seam rippers!! I'm really excited to be wearing it as the clouds set in over LA (our equivalent of "winter.").


Also, I can't even tell you how great boots and skirts are when worn together. Something is just really sassy about it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i want some of these.

Osborn Shoes is a small Guatemala based free-trade company
that employs 24 local artisans and uses sustainable methods.
Their shoes are handmade, the soles are made of recycled tires, and every shoes is signed by its maker.
Not only are they awesome for the world, but they are also just plain AWESOME.
They come in oxfords and oxford booties- and I WANT SOME.

these are my personal choice.

Because of their humane methods, they are not cheap-
but that is a small price to pay for the quality of the product.
for more information or to buy, go to

you can also buy them on:


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ms. Berit Homemaker? Awkward.

I've been at school nearly two weeks now in the new apartment and I have to say, it's finally starting to look like home! Not only that, but it's FANTASTIC to have our own kitchen...

All summer we were so excited to do some decorating, and here are the highlights!

(Huge Ball canning jars to keep the sugar, flour, and coffee in, tied up with ribbons! The jars were $4 each for the half gallon ones and the ribbon was $1 a spool, all in all about $12 to create cute storage space for baking ingredients! Also reminds me of when we used Ball jars as drinking glasses when I was little.)

(Scrabble letter magnets for the fridge)

(dragonflies on the wall)

(Tibetan prayer flags and prints from my brother's girlfriend, who is a graphic designer!)

(vintage table cloth from mama)

Aaand... banana bread muffins with granola!

Now if only the boy was here...


P.S. Went on a trip to Michael's. My wallet got pwned.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have received pictures from the two weddings I did makeup for this summer!
Here is the first one, her name is Karen and she has the most amazing eyelashes ever:
Don't you adore her little tiara!?
Initially, we practiced with a purple eye to match her bouquet,
but she ended up deciding on cream and golden brown with winged eyeliner,
which I think was a wonderful choice- don't you?
She has the most delightfully large smooth eyelids,
so the look was easy as pie!
mmmm pie.

For her bridal party, I wanted to give the girls really neutral colors,
because the dresses were such a soft blue anything dark would have been too much.
So, lots of soft browns and bronze.
The one with the bleached bangs asked for a 1920's winged eye and false lashes,
so I got to have fun with her.
I used my Bobbi Brown University foundation palette for the first time on these girls,
and it was an absolute life saver!
I was able to match all of them and give them the flawless skin they wanted for the pictures!

Here is the second wedding, her name was Carson.
You might recognize her as the maid of honor from the previous wedding.
I wasn't originally supposed to do her makeup, only her bridal party,
but the lady who was supposed to actually did their hair too and cut her finger really badly.
I had extra time after I was done with the other girls, so I was able to do the bride.
She wanted a really dark black smoky eye-
but since she had an outdoor wedding (which, by the way, was beautiful)
I didn't want to smoke it out too much so I kept most of the color near her lashes.
I used a pair of big fluffy falsies to give her extra blink blinkage.
I also filled in her brows with a light fawn color to help balance the eyes.
Apparently I had on purple nail polish...
Her hair was AWESOME
Here is the previous brides look for Carson's wedding-
each of the girls had these awesome antique pins for their hair.
The girls had yellow dresses, so they had all been tanning up a storm.
It was actually pretty hard to match all of their foundations.
I went with a lot of lighter shimmery colors and dark dark eyelashes.
The girls were SO funny, it was hilarious to watch them interact.
I adore the second shot-
how bad ass!

I also did the mothers for both weddings, but I didn't get sent pictures of them.
Just trust me that they looked great.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ok, so I didn't actually watch them- but I don't even have access to a television!
However, I have been browsing videos and pictures online and here are a few of my thoughts:

First of all, Taylor Swift-
you stopped making good songs a while ago,
being barefoot on stage seems dangerous,
and you revel in your innocence a little too much.
I get that you are a role model,
but girl get over it, you are 20.
Being classy and being lame are two different things
As for you Kanye-
your music is awesome...
so I guess I have to just let you keep existing.

Katy Perry-
for a while you just annoyed me,
but while you sound like you are throwing up when you sing,
your songs continue to be fun and catchy,
and you have stopped trying to look like Betty Boop on acid
your hair
(just like mine!)
(with Russel Brands face on them!)
and your titty tattoo dress
(like Berit's prom dress- round 1- gone skanktastic!)
however the shoes were a meh.
very homecoming of '06.
oh... you too Alice- I mean Ashley Green

Lady Gaga-
Your arrival dress was breathtaking.
Alexander McQueen, plus the beautiful makeup...

You for once didn't look like you were trying to hide,
you were gracious, fun, genuine,
"They asked me to cut so much out,
but I refused because we were BORN THIS WAY BABY!"
and I loved that you were bringing attention
-through your escorts-
to soldiers who were discharged from service for being gay.
But then you wore meat,
and became irrelevant to me once again.
There is no point to 90% of the things you do.
Especially next to Cher,
who is way more talented.
Speaking of which-
she looks great for a 60 year old!

Justin Timberlake-
Dude, sucks for you.
Tonight was supposed to be a comeback of sorts,
and you showed up in the exact same outfit as JB.
(apparently so did Usher...)
Sorry dude.
you just got upstaged some 16 year old Youtube star.
Looks like you ain't the only Justin in town anymore.

As for Justin Beiber-
What a little playa!
And lucky for me, he is losing that baby face little by little-
pretty soon it won't be creepy for me to crush on him anymore!

your dress was made out of garbage bags?
wasn't it sweaty?
you didn't win anything- wanna know why?
because you are just stupid drunk slut.
If you are gonna rock the black mini,
do it like Emma Stone
I'd do her.

As for a few of my favorite fashions of the night:
Miranda Cosgrove,
who I actually really dislike,
wore the most EXQUISITE little blue thing!
Haley Williams of Paramore
wore such a CUTE Miu Miu number
Ciara looked suuuper sexy in this Givenchy creation,
I just wish she had passed on the moon shoes.
best of all,
was Florence of Florence and the Machine-
figure flattering,
gorgeous on her skin and hair,
beautifully constructed and just the perfect about of odd (zip up?)

oh, and
your dress belongs in a landfill,

k well,
I should go study

avandia recall