Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm a Makeup Snob

Just saw Eclipse!
The movie was awesome
and I love Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and Billy Burke
I am still a little ticked that they didn't cast a native american as Jacob,
but Taylor Lautner's body is BANGIN!
But that is all beside the point.

The point is:
the makeup sucked with a capital UCK.

Bella's face looked prom-ready the whole movie,
complete powdered eyebrows and berry lips.
HELLO what 17 year old do you know that wears lipstick 24/7?
On the subject of lips, Jacob's were purple the whole film.

Furthermore, I would love to stage a protest
banning Rob Pattinson's eyebrows.
They are hideous,
for the first movie they shaped them
and he looked great
ignore the copius amounts of eyeliner and lipstick LAWL
- imperfect and flawless like a vampire-
but for the last two they have let them go CRAAAAAAZY
ahhhhhhh! run for your life!
and it is entirely too distracting.
Especially in IMAX (which by the way, is EXCESSIVELY loud)
And the white makeup they use on the vampires is poorly applied.
You can see the pink through which I say is tacky.

And then there is little Jane,
played by Dakota Fanning
who has great style but tries to hard when she is acting.
Her makeup is WRETCHED.
The weird black cat eye... ew ew ew.
It is just distracting.
Speaking of eyeliner,
all the guy vampires look like Pete Wentz or something...

And let me pick another fight, just to be thorough.
why they have an olive skinned italian playing a natural blonde is beyond me

Overall, the makeup was unnatural,
worked oddly with the lighting,
and was distractingly heavy.

the movie was awesome.
I am totally obsessed with all the actors, especially Kristen Stewart.
I loved it.

Still, I want to kick Robin Mathews, head makeup artist.
Her work may have played off well in the Runaways,
but it looked silly in Eclipse.

Thank you, I love you,
and I promise to be back to normal tomorrow with two new posts.
(Only 3 left in the Cheap Alternatives series!)

~Claire de la Luna

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cheaper Alternatives #6

For your body,
instead of splurging for expensive moisturizers-
which come in small packaging and have tons of fillers
use baby oil!
It is basically just mineral oil- and your skin will love it!
It actually is MORE effective than basic glycerin-based body lotions.
This is especially great for sensitive skin,
since baby products are SUPER mild.

I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 5,
and this stuff has kept my skin from dying a traumatic lizardlike death.
Plus, you only need to use a little bit so it lasts FOREVER
After showering, pat dry and rub on legs, torso, arms, and booty.
Soon, your skin will feel like a baby's butt!


ohhhhhh and also: I'm filming a tutorial tomorrow night! chika WAH WAH!
and, my sister says hello!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cheaper Alternatives #5

Conditioner as Shaving Cream!

For extremely sensitive skin,
or when you run out of shaving cream,
or when you are traveling...
use conditioner to shave!

It works great!
and unlike soap, it doesn't clog up your razor or dry out your skin!

i went to a bunch of fancy pants stores today:
mario's, barney's, diesel, burkes brothers...
those stores suck!
They are overpriced beyond oblivion!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


As of today, I, Claire Fusako Neble Matsunami,
have officially been hired as a freelance makeup artist for MAC.

And I just bought my tickets to Eclipse with my sister
I'm so happy!!!
(check out my sweet henna tat from the Gay PrideFest at Seattle Center!)

I forgot to add:
Tea Tree Oil is great for healing tattoos and piercings!

I will resume with my Cheaper Solutions series tomorrow!
Team Jacob!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cheaper Alternatives #4

Tea Tree Oil
Instead of buying pimple creams and stuff,
use pure tea tree oil as an amazing spot treatment
for pimples, boils, and cysts.
It works much much much better than anything from clearasil-
especially because it actively prevents scarring!


lurvey love love

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheaper Alternatives #3

Apple Cider Vinegar!
i apologize, my twilight fever is taking over...

*Rinse damaged hair with 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 3 parts water
once a week after shampooing to clarify magically-
helps to remove gucky buildup,
prevents split ends,
tones the cuticle,
and makes your hair SUPER shiny.

*Massage into your scalp twice a week for dandruff.

*If your skin gets stained from hair dye, swabbing some of
this wonderful stuff on the stains removes them easily!

Fresh and Clean:
*Use some to dampen a cotton ball and apply to your
... lady area...
it works wonders!
-can be used to freshen up after wearing spandex,
clean up when you are surfing the red tide,
or even treat a yeast infection.
I'm all about keeping your vajayjay happy!

*Swipe on your face once a month to purge your pores and
increase circulation in your facial capillaries.
It is so rich in exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids
that using it more than once every two weeks
spells danger for your facial pH.

*Apply some diluted with water and ice cubes to sunburns.
Feel the AHHHHH relief,
which is restoring the pH balance to your skin.

This stuff is seriously awesome, and costs about 6 dollars at any grocery store!


Since I can't stop thinking about how Eclipse is coming out soon...
I might as well mention:
I actually love K.Stew-
her style is awesome

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheap Alternatives #2

In which I list the many uses of Visine!
*A few drops of Visine in any powder eyeshadow turns it into liquid eyeliner
-cheaper and more effective than expensive shadow transformers!

*Dab some on pimples to reduce redness

*After you get your eyebrows waxed, swipe some on-
takes down swelling and redness!

*And I mean, you could always use for red eyes too...

Available at drugstores and grocery stores everywhere!


p.s. If you were wondering,
Visine when added to food does not actually cause diarrhea.
But it can cause dangerously low blood pressure...
So in the interest of keeping your friends alive,
don't try and copy this old Hollywood prank!
Unless you actually want them dead,
in which case-
wear gloves

and don't forget to moisturize

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheap Alternatives #1

When your skin is inflamed and breaking out like crazy, try a salt mask!
Epsom salt on a wet face brings down inflammation just like on a swollen wound.
Also, very moisturizing!
In between toning and moisturizing,
just wet your face,
mix salt and a teeeensy bit of water,
and slather on for 5 minutes.

GREAT for those monthly breakouts.

glow my lovelies. glow glow glow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Obey T-Shirts Fo' Life

Even though I like to wear frilly ridiculous things 80% of the time, everyone can dig a nice, soft t-shirt, right?

(the usual.)

I've had this fantastic Obey tri-blend t-shirt for like four years and it's the best possible comfy-yet-stylish item of clothing to be found in this corner of the galaxy! (for reals)

Their shirts are soft and supple yet substantial; said t-shirt just started showing signs of wear this year when I found I had a habit of leaning on the counters and work and tearing holes in all my shirts...

I digress.

Basically, it was time for a new shirt that was comfortable yet interesting, of which Obey products are both. Their graphics, in a word, ROCK.

(this looks like a Monet painting, no (err, oi?)?)

I just ordered this off, which I found had the best prices (trust me, I did shameful amounts of research for a single shirt). Here's the page for their Obey products, mine was on sale and cost like $20 including shipping.

Hooray for deliciously comfy clothes!


P.S. Sorry for the crappy webcam photos, girlfriend gets lazy sometimes, you know? Also I'll use real photos when the blog is actually useful ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gifts From Friends!

My awesome friend Tess from Chicago (who send me the fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal collage in this post) sent me this adorable headband she made. It's made of a really cute floral cotton braided with some elastic at the back to help keep it in place.

I've made a few headbands similar to this before but this one is by far one of my favorites!

Keep your eyes peeled for some easy headband tutorials coming your way!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blackheads- Prevent and Treat

"How do I prevent blackheads?!?! I exfoliate occasionally. But I've also heard from my sister that you can permanately bruise your face from exfolating (she has blue-ish tiny lines to prove where it's messed up veins because she used to exfoliate every day)."
- MolleeWobbles (the cutest thing since sneezy pandas)
Well Mollee...

A blackhead is basically an open pore
(when the pore is closed, it becomes a whitehead)
that is plugged with sebum (hard, waxy oil) and dead skin.
Because the pore is opened, the plug when exposed
undergoes an oxidation reaction making it appear black.
Blackheads are not fun. Duh.
But while preventing them on prone skin is very difficult,
it is definitely possible.

All skin care relies on creating a healthy, consistent balance.

The most common skin care mistakes people make are:
picking at their skin (BERIT)
assuming that using tons of clearasil will make their acne disappear overnight.
None of these things work.
These things DO work:

1. Cleanse-
Morning and night, take a minute out of your day and wash your face.
Keeping your pores clean is the best way to prevent blackheads.
Use a cleansing oil or a face wash with salicylic acid to help dissolve the sebum
(oil cleansers may sound and feel odd at first but they work GREAT).
Don't use Neutrogena or Clean and Clear (they are WAY too harsh).
Instead try:

a GREAT formula. Available at any drugstore for cheap!

If you are brave enough to try a cleansing oil,
the one I use is
It moisturizes, but more importantly it cleans better and more gently
than anything I have yet to encounter.
(32$ is a splurge though)

2. Tone
This helps keep pores clear and tight,
so that yucky stuff can't get in there.
It also prepares your skin for moisturizer
is the best, cheapest toner out there-
click the link for more info
available at any grocery store.

NEVER use alcohol based astringents!!!!
They strip your skin of essential oils.

3. Exfoliate
Yes Mollee, you can harm your face by exfoliating too much and too vigorously.
The point of exfoliation is to gently sluff off the dead skin cells.
Scrubbing really hard actually does nothing-
the dead cells are still the dead ones and the live ones are still the live ones.
Don't hurt yourself lady!
Take it easy, and you will be glowing in no time...
So use a gentle scrub three times a week,
and moisturize immediately afterward.

SO cheap, and works like a charm.

4. Moisturize
The single most important aspect of skin care.
Prevent dead skin and inflammation,
moisturize with a light face lotion after you tone.
Go HERE for further elaboration of the glories of moisturizing
and for product recommendations.

5. Treating
If blackheads do appear, a good mask is always your best bet.
Only 12 dollars, and sucks all the yuck right out of your face!

6. Extractions
Well, lovelies, I know you want to squeeze the icky stuff out of there.
But unless you can see the head of the plug, don't touch it.
If you do see the top emerging from the pore,
use an extractor (found at your local drugstore)
to push down on either side of the pore and force the plug up.
This will be sanitary and prevent scarring.
Looks like this:

And remember, stress only helps acne thrive.
Stay calm and carry on.

*waking up next to someone you love
*people who speak spanish
*carl sagan
*steam rooms
*fudge sickles
*fresh peaches
*coffee scented candles
*the last day of school
*bike rides
*swiffer wet mops
*Pike Place Market
*the idea of a canopy
*freshly waxed eyebrows
*the sheer ability to imagine
*cool sheets
*seeing people in love

comment with questions of suggestions!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review: Kevin Murphy

During a trip to get my hair did (but I'm growing it out! for the first time in years!), I mentioned to my stylist my need for some kind of lightweight texturizer for my hair.

You see, my head is basically covered in billions of fine, wispy-ish hairs. Like a baby.

Thus, it's extremely hard for me to get my hair to do anything except lay there like all the air's been let out of it.

I was recommended a product by Australia-based stylist kevin.murphy called hair.resort. It's delicious-smelling gel (not heavy like some creme texturizers) adds weight and texture to hair, giving it a bit of a beachy look (for a cheaper alternative, Claire recommends adding a little salt to some water in a spray bottle). It doesn't crisp up but instead blends into the hair nicely.

Even better, kevin.murphy products are made almost completely with natural ingredients like grapefruit seed extract or organic chamomile extract. On my last trip I picked up a couple sample bottles of some of his shampoos and conditioners, luxury.wash and luxury.rinse. It smells glorious and makes you feel like you're having your hair washed at a salon. I daresay it is the shit. Hooray!

The texturizer was a bit of a spurge for me at around $30.00, but it's lasted forever and was well worth the money in my opinion!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What do you most want me to blog about?
I am opening up the comments to any questions, concerns, or pressing beauty needs-
I might as well use my infinite knowledge of all things gloriously sexy to help you all out!
I am even thinking of filming a tutorial or two...
"... And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."


au revoir les enfants
(your resident makeup queen)

Sexy Mama!

Today, while out running errands with my mother, I decided to wear heels. Not for any reason.

Although they were just a pair of nude pumps that are easy to walk in, it was fun! I felt sassy, classy, and in-charge!

Heels can be a fun little confidence booster even if you're like me and can't walk in them to save your life... they force you to have better posture and even swing your hips a little! ;)

So next time you get sent out to buy a gallon of milk, why not slip on a pair of teetering stilettos rather than your uggs?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updated Paperdolls!

In a perfect world, you would have all the clothes you wanted.
And all energy would be clean and renewable,
everyone could eat as much as they wanted whenever they wanted
and easily maintain their ideal healthy weight,
college would be free,
overpopulation wouldn't be an issue,
no one would be a dumb slut,
and I would be able to sing like Beyonce!

But DUH our world sort of sucks (thnx BP)

However, this AWESOME website exists,
ameliorating some of the yucky:
You can choose your model and ALL her clothes and accessories-
there are lots of games on the internet like this but this one is by far the best,
especially because it is updated several times a week with the latest fashions,
so it is basically an endlessly awesome internet closet!
The possibilities are infinite!


oh and...
pretty fish
nice mommies
fresh cookies
the name "sunshine"
(i have met TWO people in the last month with this name!)
sex on fire by kings of leon
waking up super early on ACCIDENT
doggy play-dates

the fact that the kid I babysit calls me "Clairey Poppins"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Imaginary Foundation

t-shirt brand Imaginary Foundation makes AWESOME stuff. Their graphics are out of control and totally mesmerizing (and make great gifts for your man-friends!). Stuff like this:

IF has branched out to women's apparel, pillows, skate decks, and the most recent: iPhone cases.

I don't even have an iPhone and I want one of these suckers!

Reach iPhone Case- $39.95



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seattle Love

I was so excited to leave Washington when I left for college last fall. After a year away, I appreciate Seattle so much more than I ever have (and ever will, probably).

Besides sporting a few skyline/Space Needle stickers on my laptop and water bottle, I've been perusing Etsy lately for fun Seattle paraphenalia!

All items are from Etsy :)

Space Needle Ceramic Coaster Set- $20.00 via HouseOfSixCats

(these are more of a need than want...)
Portafilter Earrings- $6.00 via Coffeepurse

Remember chaps, my birthday is soon! ;)



I never thought I liked weddings-
having only been to one wedding ever (when I was 4)
and rather disliking the idea of marriage.
However, today I did makeup for a wedding (8 people in 3 hours- phew!)
And when the bride paraded around the kitchen in full regalia, I actually teared up.
Because she looked beautiful, happy, and in love.
(I'll try and post pictures)
Plus I did a damn good job on her makeup.
My most valuable tool?
My brand new BBU Pro Foundation Palette from Bobbi Brown-
the makeup artist not the crack addict
It has a full range of colors in both concealer and foundation,
which enables me to match any skin tone.
And for photo ready skin, well-matched foundation is a must!
You don't want any imperfections to show-
that works too i guess...

Sometimes I have a hard time believing in love,
but today reminded me that it is out there, elusive and magical.

I love makeup.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Many of you have probably seen one of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty videos (probably the one showing how an advert photo is produced). Every woman struggles with her self image issues to varying degrees. It's amazing how the materials we're bombarded with every day influence us and cause us to form completely crazy expectations for ourselves and our bodies:

Ladies, we are ALL beautiful. We were all created to be magnificent, healthy, unique powerhouses of feminine awesomeness, so why not celebrate that?!

What do YOU love about yourself? I have recently learned to love my bumpy Polish nose :)

-Berit xoxo

...I am fearfully and wonderfully made... - Psalm 139:14

Delicious Summer Dresses From Modcloth!

Modcloth is a fantastic place to find basically anything clothing-wise. It's the sweet, the silly, the edgy, the classy... and it's all just plain interesting. There are few places online where you can get pieces with so many cute details that give them just a little more pop.

Going to school in SoCal (lolz) obviously means that the temperature soars quite frequently. Combine that with my love for dresses and you have... a closet full of dresses! Here are some of my most recent favorites from Modcloth:

Blue Women's Group Dress- $62.99

The weather in Seattle isn't feeling summer-y yet... or even pleasantly spring-y either :( Let's hope the sun finally comes out (and the dresses as well!)!


This Is Awesome: Birds Are Composers

Even if he took his liberties with... ermm... transposing the song, it's like a lovely lullaby :)


Sunday, June 6, 2010


How beautiful is this tattoo?
There are few things I hate in the world-
when people are sad, ecological imbalance, menstrual cramps-
but perhaps most of all I hate Dumb Sluts.

On the bright side, check out these WONDERFUL tights by Les Queue Sardines.

Janky Yak Attack Style Hugs

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pawm, A Completely Random Post! Lolz!

Last Saturday I went to prom (for the second time, I graduated in 2009). I wanted to look nice but also I didn't want to spend tons of money... nor did I have tons of money to spend!

A year or two ago my aunt had given me this really quite pretty Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax dress that had been her daughter's in the 80's. It's an emerald green as you can see in the photos below. However, it's sleeves and long length made it look a bit dated. SoOoOoo...

I had it shortened, a layer of tulle added, and a sleeve taken off:

(Doesn't everyone look beautiful? :3)
(The handsome boy c: )

All for $50.00! Not too shabby, methinks!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Skinny Love

you have been blessed, you have been pushed into a
blinding area of



bunchies of snuggles


avandia recall