Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hey All,
Saturday was the anniversary of this blog, but I was traveling en route to Seattle.
Thank you all for reading!
Be ready for some super enjoyable holiday posts from Berit and I,
as we are finally together at home!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Oh Ziva...
You are my hero.
You are so badass.
And so sexy.
You are my number 1 favorite pretend Jew.
For those of you who don't watch NCIS,
it is a fun little crime show with generally disjointed story arches.
However, there are many high points, which make it fun and entertaining to watch.
By far the show's greatest asset is this BAMF Ziva.
don't look too closely or you will implode from the awesomeness.
She is an ASSASSIN from ISRAEL
How does this at all relate to the blog?
Even though she is most often seen rocking a bushy ponytail, baseball cap, cargo pants, and hideous sweater, somehow she still manages to be beautiful and SEXERIFFIC.
Her eyebrows are amazing:
More importantly,
she owns her look:
Check out her crazy fourth grader shirt and tomboyish hairstyle.
How many people can look sexy in cargo pants?
But honestly, when you look at her, do you care?
She pwns all that mediocrity.
Whenever you wake up feeling bleehhhhhh
Just remember ZIVA DAVID
the most badass chica out there
if its a pony tail day,
work that updo
if its one of THOSE days,
bust out your guns and work your inner assassinating jew
I promise Berit will have the next couple of posts, I'm a little blog-hog!
i'm out!
love actually
apple cider
the sound of music
the fact that it is summer in Australia.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Studying has been frying my brain.
In order to return to sanity, I spent an hour today doodling around with my fake eyelashes.
Here are the results:

Inspired by PEACOCKS!!!
But is sooo pretty!
This one was inspired by Twiggy!
<<<<<<----I am wearing 4 pairs of false eyelashes,
on this eye alone!
Oh, so fun~
Well, back to the books!
lurrrrvey lurve!
(I hope Berit doesn't get mad at the crazy layout of this post :D)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Now for Pure Raunch...

Just thought I'd point out something that brings me delight:

Kim Kardashian- as if it wasn't enough that you have amazing eyebrows, a fantastic badonk, get freaky with Reggie Bush and are famous for doing nothing.
You go girl.

nuggie nuggie kiss kiss!
Love, Claire

oh I almost forgot!
a little more happiness:

get cape. wear cape. fly.


the hogwarts express

feather comforters

the first snow!!!!!!

peppermint roca

Rocky Horror Picture Show

sandy toes

christmas trees

and Shia LeBeouf, great actor, huge d-bag

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who Said It? Karl Lagerfeld v. Kanye West

'Allo beautiful people! Finals have been sucking me dry, but today i took a little study break to play Kongregate's Who Said It? Kanye West or Karl Lagerfeld?

I've obviously got loads of respect for Mr. Lagerfeld- his design roles in Fendi, currently serving as the creative director for Chanel, equipping stars like Madonna on their tours, and serving as the host for Grand Theft Auto IV's radio station... he certainly knows the meaning of creativity and variety.

And as for Kanye... well... I liked "Graduation."

-B :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


I have a confession.

Eyebrows matter more to me than almost anything.

I even love the absence of eyebrows


They simply MAKE a face...
So I understand you are freaked out,
and there isn't much I can do about that,
because I do tend to elicit that reaction from people...

but you are probably also wondering about your own eyebrows.
Too thick? Too thin? Not arched enough? Not straight enough?
The fact is, the rule of thumb is generally:
the harder you work to CHANGE your eyebrows,
the worse they will fit your face

Here are a few celebrity brows I LOVE:

Here's my girl Natalie Portman,
proving that having well groomed eyebrows can
help you look great even in the weirdest circumstances (BALD?)
They just work on her face!
And the best part? They are natural and effortless looking!
!טוב מאוד

Oh Eva Mendes...
your acting is mediocre, your body fabulous,
Unorthodox, highly arched, and thick-
these eyebrows were not created by a stencil.
They work with their natural contours, and complement her face.
most excellent.
Halle Berry...
Her face is already perfect, but her eyebrows just frost the cupcake.
Notice how they don't match?
Trying to force your eyebrows to be something they are not is a huge mistake.
These are finely arched and not very dense,
emphasizing her impossibly well sculpted features.
(plus, she named her daughter NAHLA)

Que Bonita! 
Hey Penelope, how do you say eyebrows in spanish?
Actually, how do you say perfectly dark and wonderfully shaped eyebrows in spanish?
I've nurtured a desire to wake up one day as Keira Knightley since I was 13-
when I saw Pirates of the Caribbean.
Could it have anything to do with the fact that she was snogging Orlando Bloom at age 17?
It is all about those amazingly boyish, thick eyebrows.
They are constantly morphing in shape,
but this picture shows them at their truest glory.
With features like that, skinny little bitch eyebrows would look hideous.

But, these women are simply born gorgeous right?
Their eyebrows don't change their face that much right?

Megan Fox. Widely believed by men to be the ideal woman.
Personally I think she looks like a wax sculpture.
This is pre nose-job, pre-eye brow specialist.
from skank to sex queen.  
some credit to dr. kanodia and his plastic surgery...

K. Stew. Cheated on R. Pattz.
Ho F'Sho.
But thats irrelevant.
Here, her eyebrows are natural and work wonderfully on her face.
They are thin, so too much shaping would ruin them.
For example:
WTF? Whenever I see pictures of her now, I get mad.
What is going ON with her left eyebrow?
It looks like Spock!
Whoever did this better hope they don't meet me in a dark alley...

In conclusion: eyebrows DO make a difference.
Work with them, don't pull a K. Stew.
When in doubt, less is more.
Go natural.
Work it girl.

smooches and cherry pie

oh, here are my eyebrows

Thursday, November 5, 2009

BOO!!! Halloween Makeup!

What better holiday to experiment?
Here is a picture of me as a zombie, I used glue stick, toilet paper, and vaseline to make those scars! It was so much fun!
(also please note the purple hair :D)
thats all for now, promise to post more soon!
kissies and pie!

*making out
*baby halloween costumes
*this picture

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Sweetest Things (a post about nothing in particular)

Today is the most lovely day. It feels for the first time like I am really at college-the leaves are turning and the sun is shining and the air is chilly. Went to lunch with a classmate today and had a great conversation with a professor.
In the spirit of feeling good
who says this isn't an art form!?

happy list-
*having pet fish-
my roommate Danielle and I have a
fish named John Michael Bubbles John Michael
(thats his abbreviated name)
*skinny dipping
*mojo (if you don't know what this is, figure it out soon!)
*red barns
*shoe shopping
*finishing an essay
*banana pancakes
*decorating your dorm room with white christmas lights
*rocking chairs
*david after dentist
*cute noses
well blended blush
perfectly matched foundation
moisturized lips
amazing eyebrows

On an unrelated note:
miracles do happen.

you are so very lovely
kissies mucho

Monday, October 5, 2009


Its raining in Walla Walla :D
While keeping up with the recently adjourned 2009 New York Fashion Week, I was enthralled by how many asian designers are finding their place among the world of high fashion. Who says us asians are just good at math and making cars?!!!!!!
Here are a few of my favorite boundary-pushers:

Phillip Lim

This Chinese American, creator of 3.1 Phillip Lim, exploded onto the fashion scene in 2004. He has been making waves, known for his subdued color palates and easy-wearing designs.
His fashion week collection, soooooo lovely and luxurious
So short! Born in Thailand, Thakoon is known for his intensely feminine designs.
Soooo lovely!
Michelle Obama LOVES Thakoon!
Jason Wu
This young taiwanese american designer got his start making doll clothes, and later interned with Narcisco Rodriguez. His 2006 debut collection launched him to immediate fame. No fair!
This seasons collection was especially colorful. Love the silhouettes.

He designed her INAUGURAL BALL-GOWN. This guy is a bro.

Vera Wang
Yeah yeah, I had to stick her in here. This lovely, talented Chinese American former figure skater is THE QUEEN of wedding dresses. Nuff said.
Derek Lam
My personal favorite, Derek Lam is Chinese American from New York City. Former Vice President of Design for none other than Michael Kors, he launched his own line in 2003. His use of raw silk and linen paired with his clean lines and simple designs are AMAZZINGGG
Rockin Fashion Week
My favorite dress by him, made with a SINGLE sheet of raw silk, uncut. The best toga ever.

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang is Chinese American from San Francisco, who launched his first collection in 2007. In just two short years he has become a figurehead of the fashion community, and is acclaimed for his tailoring skills as well as his masculine touches.
Plus, how can you not love this guy?!
Old-school Football inspired Fashion Week Collection

So there you have it!
Hope you all missed me as much as I missed you!
stay classy
and remember to think of pineapples when you are sad

kissies galore

(here is a picture of berit and i on the beach in hawaii!)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Sorry about my absence as of late... college is rather occupying!

Since I moved down here to LA for college, I really discovered what I thought I already knew... it's HOT down here!! Although the locals wear jeans in 95 degree heat, I'm not quite acclamated yet... and I've found out what my favorite items of clothing are!
An item in particular that's been showing up in my outfits lately is a skirt that I found at Goodwill, sad, frumpy, and floor-lengthed. Not able to resist it's bright patter and POCKETS, I chopped about two feet off the hem, and the rest is history!

Here's my outfit from today:

My favorite gladiator sandals! They go with everything... or at least, I pair them with everything :)

Self-made hairpiece, feathers and antique button :)

My lovely mother and I at the Getty Museum!

That's all I've got time and energy for right now, I just wanted you all to know that I'm still alive (whoever you are who reads this... hopefully someone besides Claire!)!

avandia recall