Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice Ice BABY

Herro!~ This is Claire.  Please excuse me if this is all wrong, its my first time blogging (meep).  As I walk through the increasingly slushy winter wonderland that is Seattle, I have been inspired, and motivated to create this look.  It was pretty much spontaneous and since I was at Berit's I was without my makeup and brushes, so I was stuck with her barbie sized applicators.  I tried to make this look practical and copy-able, I think it would be gorgeous at a new years party! Here you go:
First, I moisturized her up with Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture, but in another case I would have used MAC Ultralush Moisturizer
 (I would not recommend using any Neutrogena skin care products if you can avoid it, they tend to overdry rather than deep clean and this MAC stuff is magical)  Very important for winter-warped skin.
 Then I applied a sheer foundation with a tiny dot of illuminator all over her face with a sponge to clear her skin up and add a little glow.
Using a heavy-duty ultra creamy yellow toned under eye concealer on her undereye circles.  This is really important for winter, since we tend to get sallow and lack that natural glow which would normally disguise the blue under our eyes. Also, some moisturizing concealer on her lil blemishes.
Powder!! To set the foundation and concealer.  TALC FREE!!! Not too much, you don't want to look ashy.  On spots that you are worried about smudging, use a finger or concealer brush to pat the powder on.  If you get too much on there, gently brush it off with a clean powder brush or use a clean tissue to gently wipe. 
I used a peachy blush, right onto the apples of her cheeks.  A little brush of a light bronzer onto the bridge of her nose, jaw bone, cheek bones, and forehead.  Just to bring color back into her face.
Chapstick!  All natural, very tasty.  Toothbrush off all the nasty dead skin, using careful and gentle circular motions, and make sure to clean off your toothbrush afterward! (icky!) Then put some more chapstick to soothe and protect for the next step.
I applied a lip grip by Sally Hansen so that her lip color would stay all night long, and while I love this product a lot it really dries out your lips.  Putting a waxy chaptstick on beforehand is important.   Then I applied a natural pinky lipstick and brushed a tiny bit of clear gloss ontop.  I like to use the top coat of those long lasting lip colors.  If you get too much on, dab with your middle finger until it just looks lush rather than juicy.
Here's the best PART!!! I applied an icy shimmer in white all over her lid, and just onto the brow bone.  THEY LOOK LIKE SEXY ICYCLES!! YUM (*sidenote: I would like to point out that in Grey's Anatomy, when doctor YANG gets impaled by an icycle, it is totally unrealistic beCAUSE there have never ever ever been icycles that size in Seattle, and since that is where Grey's Hospital is supposed to be, it is a LIE!!!!)

Then, I dusted a little shimmery lavender shadow into her crease and lined her eye with black liquid eyeliner.  I even gave the eyeliner little wings right at the end.  Make sure to get the waterline (the inside of the lashline, look down hard and apply up)

Clear mascara for perfect eyebrows!

All Pow! Not a very good depiction of the look itself, but its the best picture.  VERR PRETTY!! Remember, that even though winter is cold and nasty, you can still look HOT LIKE FIRE.

damn chica, you so fine ;)

Post-Christmas Boredom

Hey Lovers and Friends!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of love, food, friendship... and more food, if you're my family!
In the wake of Christmas and much bloating and further bingeing, we're not up to much! Right now Claire's working on a makeup post for New Year's party facial explosions of pleasure!
We're still holed up in Seattle, with the snow turning to slush and freezing, mobility is limited to walking from the kitchen back to bed :)

Here's what I wore on Christmas!

-Michael Kors skirt [Nordstrom Rack, MAJOR CLEARANCE!!]
-black knit leggings [The Rack]
-black slouch boots [thrifted]
-White t-shirt
-Cranberry sweater, reversible with teal lace [TJMaxx, $5, angora and rabbit!]
-Black and gold chain belt [Goodwill]
-Gold chains [thrifted]
-Gray beret, says "The head of a genius" in French! Cute! [Consigment, $6!]
P.S., American Apparel has launched a line of berets! Go figure that the one time I try out berets since my mother forced them on my head as a child, American Apparel decides to make them popular again...

Things are moving pretty slow right now, I should be writing college essays... but I'm not! Instead I made a bunch of braided cloth headbands and bracelets, will take photos and post later :)


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays! Let's Get Rich And Buy Our Parents Homes in the South of France...

Hi Everyone!
The holiday rush has swallowed me whole! Halp! Of course, it's only on Christmas Eve that I finally find time to post something... !!! In the wake of a freakish blizzard, I've been trapped in my house for about a week, but have accomplished nothing, save having written a college essay *sad panda*. HOWEVER, given the nasty weather I figured it was time to talk about...

COLOR!!!!! It's something that I frankly miss during the winter. It's easy not only to just throw on some sweats when the weather's yucky, but it can be incredibly hard to work some color into your wardrobe! I took some pictures of a couple outfits that I've worn recently to prove that despite the weather, you CAN look cute and colorful! :D JOY!

DISCLAIMER: The photos and my poses, etc. etc. are atrocious, I'm not yet at the point where my family isn't awkward about me taking photos of myself for a blog... plus there's not enough sun in Seattle to supply natural light!

-Black knitted tights, HUE. They're cable-knitted and honestly feel like wearing a sweater on your legs! [Nordstrom Rack]
-Black slip [TJMaxx]
-Colorful bell-sleeved tunic/dress [TJMaxx]
-Cascading black sweater (Is there a formal name for this? I just call it my batman sweater... :]) [Hand-me-down from Claire]
-Pink Foot Banks, worn on calves [3rd grade]
-Black slouchy boots [Goodwill]
-Turquoise belt [church rummage sale]

-Black knitted tights [Nordy's Rack]
-Purple shortened high-waist skirt [Goodwill]
-White v-neck t-shirt
-Peach Summer Tee [Goodwill, originally American Apparel] 
-Black beaded wool sweater [Mother]
-Scarf [Goodwill]

-Hecka old jeans [consignment]
-Blue tank [COSTCO!]
-Yellow embellished short-sleeve cardigan [G
-Brown Sweater [Nordstrom Rack]
-Gee WaWa boots in Sunrise style [Too expensive to mention, 100% worth it!]

The general idea of this silly post is to remind everyone that it is okay to wear color in the winter! Go ahead and wear summer florals or bright colors, but stay in season pairing it with some darker shades. Plus boots automatically add some seasonal oomph to your outfit (or "costume," as The Glamourai likes to call them!)! If you're not so much into wearing fairy-like frocks during the middle of winter, you can totally just use a colorful scarf or piece of jewelry to remind everyone that there's more to life than grays and blacks! For example:

This necklace is a real butterfly wing, bought at the fair trade shop Hands of the World, under Pike Place Market. It adds just a little pop of color, and looks great even with just a plain black shirt!

I'll update tomorrow with a picture of my planned Christmas ensemble, which may or may not include a Michael Kors skirt bought wayyyy on clearance... ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


P.S. "You and I," Ingrid Michaelson's duet with Jason Mraz is THE BEST HAPPY SONG EVER!! Listen here:

Friday, December 19, 2008

First Post Ever!

Hello everyone! Claire and I have been interested in fashion and all things wonderful since we first met in elementary school. I apparently was wearing bellbottom overalls... and the rest is history! Here's a little about us:

Berit- I'm what Claire calls "normal," which is, in fact, a far sight from the truth. Style has always been an underlying interest of mine, and although I believe that one should always be creative with their clothing, you have to own your clothes- don't let them wear you! Claire and I have been friends for dynasties, and thanks to her everyone in our circle of friends has been fab-u-lized (or hookerized, depending on how creative she's feeling!) She is the goddess of smudging and fake eyelashes. I'm looking to study International Affairs and Development in college next year, hopefully in sunny California... and near the Getty Museum! I love music and am a flautist (had to look that one up...). Photography is the most glorious hobby on the planet, and you can find some of my photos here! I've got a genetic addiction to thrift shopping and have been wearing crazy ensembles since OshKosh B'Gosh sold coordinated leggings and dresses.
-creme puffs
-napping, sleeping, hybernating...
-watching reruns of "Life of Ryan" (yeah... okay.)
-Oregon Chai
-my adorable pup Benny
-ultimate frizbee
-U.S. History (Wikipedia Aaron Burr)
-the soundtrack of "Amelie"
-shoes (let's get some!)
-dark chocolate
-movies with hapless characters with terrible luck
-Al Gore, who is a hypocrite
-rude people in Costco

Claire- Herro! I'm Claire and I'm what Berit calls "spirited." Ha.
Here is an acrostic poem I once wrote about myself:
That basically sums me up...
I met Berit in the 1st grade when she walked into the bathroom and said, "Hey Claire, I am wearing bell-bottom overalls!"
Even then, she was a fashionista. Of course, I was wearing some super dorky elastic waisted jeans and had recently watched the parent trap, motivating me to cut my own bangs...
about an inch long. In middle school, when she was wearing skinny jeans and totally ferosh plaid jackets, I was wearing too short pants and bad bras. But I'm not trying to be all boo-hoo-woe-is-me-pity-me-i'm-a-sad-little-slob because now she is my friend, and she tells me when I look like an idiot :D. I have no idea what I want to study next year... maybe sleeping? LOL! I prefer Will Turner over Jack Sparrow, but only when I'm not on my period, I can do the splits, I have a cute lil dalmation named Yuki, I have watched Pirates of the Caribbean so many times that I have it memorized, and I hope that I never grow up. This is so long! Ha!
-playing with makeup
-reading fan fiction
-running around in minimal clothing
-eating pie
-drinking tea out of wine glasses
-filling out myspace surveys
-watching the office
-playing dress up with my baby sister
-hugs :D
-Dumb Sluts
-Valentines Day
-Birds (they are fucking terrifying, don't deny it)

"This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love." -Hafiz
Lets get stylish!

avandia recall