Monday, January 3, 2011

Youtube Makeup

I always get requests to do video tutorials-
and I have tried, and failed.
Besides, most of the stuff I would talk about and do is out there already!
Here is a list of my favorite youtube makeup stars...

two sisters, high quality videos, professional and british!
This lady is extremely talented, and her looks are always so fun!
Her name is Klaire! LOL
She is SO creative, and her looks are actually pretty easy to recreate!
a mix of really incredible artsy creations and lovely wearable looks,
her work is utterly inspiring
randomly fluent in german, she has really fun looks,
and is a great source for products that suit fair skin.
a sassy gay guy who does super fun drag tutorials as well as halloween creations
and of course more everyday looks
Queen of the basics, she simplifies her looks but keeps them beautiful,
and breaks down technique for beginners!
beautiful girl, beautiful looks, simple videos!
she knows her stuff, with very comprehensive tutorials.
I can't stand the way she talks though, so I usually watch it on mute.

Check them out!


  1. Where does one purchase a foundation brush?

  2. Either ecotools ( ) or sedona lace ( )
    Perhaps I will create a post about brushes soon!


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