Monday, January 31, 2011

Product Review: ELF vs. MUFE High Def Powder

To set makeup, a translucent powder is a must.
The latest innovation in makeup is High Def powders-

Makeup Forever (available at Sephora)
came out with the first, a 100% silica weightless dream product.
It doesn't crease, is so fine that it feels like air, lasts forever,
doesn't oxidize, and doesn't cake down makeup.
However, at 24$ a pop, it is quite the investment.

Many other brands have come out with imitation products,
but the most popular is Eyes Lips Face's.
It is a mix of silicate and silica, and at 12$ it is 1/2 the price of the MUFE product
(basic math... not my forte`)
Actually, the product is 6$ but it is only for sale online, so the shipping adds the extra.
Anywhoo, I bought both.

After opening the MUFE, a fairy dusting of product floated into the air, so fine it was unreal.
I dabbed a bit on my skin, and felt like fainting it was so wonderfully silky and airy.
Not convinced, I patted some over undereye concealer
(which ALWAYS creases on my eyes)
and went about my day.
When I got home, I was shocked and thrilled to find that not one bit of product had budged.
I'm not exaggerating.

Then I tried the ELF powder,
most reviews have said that there is absolutely no difference, but I disagree.

It definitely wasn't as finely milled, but it had the same weightless feel.
Because of the slightly grainier texture, it did cake up very slightly,
allow for a teeeensy bit of creasing and had a almost undetectable chalky color.
Compared to any other regular powder out there, it was dramatically better.
It lasted all day, applied easily, and would have been nearly invisible in high def
(as promised!)

I will stick with the ELF for now, but only because of my college budget.
It definitely isn't the dream come true that the MUFE is, but for half the price it is spectacular,
wonderfully transplendent
(annie hall anyone?)
Stay fabulous!

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