Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes we have entered the realm of fantasy, and have posted our first video blog.
Please excuse the cheezzy nature, Claire got a little overexcited during the editing process.
This sort of makeup is what you would wear to an event or for an photoshoot.
Obviously it is a little complicated for everyday,
but it walks through some of the most basic techniques of makeup.

and as long as you look incredible,
you might as well be smiling...
*sleeping on a trampoline in the middle of summer
*drinking hot home made tea
*armani makeup brushes
*closets full of prada
*the way the sun sets in the autumn
*thai food
*Liya Kebede
*clean underwear
*saying "nippynoodles" when it is cold out
*the little black dress
*drawing fake tattoo's on in liquid eyeliner
*making dandylion wishes

stay gorgeous my loves

avandia recall