Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Nails (On a Budget!)

As New Year's Eve draws closer, I thought I'd give myself a spiffy at-home manicure for the event. Personally, I find the holiday to be a little disappointing when it comes down to it, but at least I'll have pretty nails when I'm sitting on the couch contemplating which celebrities will divorce in the new year. 

I borrowed this colored french tip tutorial from Studs & Pearls, who does awesome DIY projects. So check it!

(What I used: Paper reinforcing stickers, Revlon in Minted, OPI Nail Envy topcoat, and Hard Candy in Trailer Trash.)

(Apply basecoat and bottom coat of polish. Allow it to dry WELL, if you apply the tip color too soon the stickers will ruin it.)

(Place stickers so that you've got a couple centimeters to paint. You can cut the stickers in half or use the whole thing if you're lazy, like me. Apply your tip color and remove the sticker once it's dried a little bit.)

(Sorry, Instagram made my hand look gnarly.)

Apply topcoat and ta-da! You'll look real classy when the ball drops, and hopefully thereafter... lawl. Be safe and have fun!


P.S. The best colors for the tips of your nails are better if they're darker than your base polish or metallic. It'll show up better.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kicks With A Cause: Civic Duty

Ladies and gents, I would like you to meet Civic Duty, an up-and-coming shoe company that has begun manufacturing shoes with some serious steez. 

They have the appearance of rumpled paper bags because they're made from Tyvek®, a durable, breathable material used to wrap houses and make FedEx envelopes. Civic Duty uses environmentally friendly dyes and glues on the shoes and packages them in recycled materials. 

"In 2009, I lost my job due to the massive economic downturn. Like many Americans, I was concerned about my prospects for a new job when so many were unemployed. I was infuriated watching the Government bail out big corporations who were largely responsible for creating our country's bleak economic climate while everyday folk were left to fend for themselves... I am determined to prove that we can be successful and still be socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible."
-Steven Reinweb, Founder

Civic Duty has also pledged to create one unique style per year, donating 100% of the profits to a social cause. Not only do Steven's sentiments ring true to how a lot of us are feeling about our country right now, but he had the guts to start a compassionate company in the middle of a recession. And he did it in style. 

In a consumerist, capitalistic culture where greenwashing or "having a heart" is often used as just a marketing tool, it causes unfortunate suspicion and places even more pressure on the consumer to buy responsibly. Civic Duty's origins and aims, however, hold a lot of potential in my opinion.

What do you think?


P.S. Although Civic Duty doesn't manufacture their shoes in the U.S. (though the material they're made of is), Reinweb, who responded personally to my e-mail, relayed his hopes that once the company grows, domestic manufacturing will be possible. In an era where Levi's Jeans can only afford to make one style of jeans domestically, it's unfortunately understandable. However, I think there's a difference between manufacturing abroad in order to stay afloat versus doing it to turn the biggest possible profit. End tangent.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Band of Outsiders Pre-Fall 2012

Band of Outsider's Pre-Fall collection for 2012 is one of my favorites to date. Perfectly tailored blazers, pencil skirts and pants with feminine colors and subtle touches of leather and stripes galore. They may not be show stoppers, but they sure are classy as hell. 

Plus they have cutie models. (Donald Glover, Dave Franco, and James Marsden)

Check out Band of Outsider's full collection here and other Pre-Fall 2012 collections here


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Day in San Francisco

Today I got to spend the day in San Francisco with my mom and older brother. We did some major exploring and got to enjoy the beautiful weather.

An intricate arch at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco- it's modeled after the Legion Hall of Honor in Paris. 

A late lunch at B-Star Bar in Inner Richmond, an incredible spot with a unique Asian fusion menu. Chicken and shrimp biryani and butternut squash soup. 


What have you all been up to with your post-holiday free time?


Sunday, December 25, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Chunky, Loose-Fitting Sweaters

Today I'm going to talk about something very near and dear to my heart: the sweater. It's been a wardrobe staple of mine for as long as Seattle has been a miserable place to live, and there's a few reasons why I love them: They come in every color, shape, style, material, etc. etc. etc. Furthermore, they're incredible easy to find for cheap- the 20 or so thrifted sweaters in my closet are a testament to that. 

One particular style begs for digression, however. Chunky or loose-fitting sweaters are incredibly versatile and often offer a chicness and comfort that only your grandpa's cable-knit can achieve. There are more ways, however, to wear them other than with jeans and unwashed hair (okay, maybe that's more of a personal anecdote), and here's how!

Untitled #3

(From left to right: Thakoon P/F 2012, Rag & Bone P/F 2012)
(Sweater: J Crew, thrifted; silk wrap skirt: vintage, bag: knockoff, Ebay)

And there you have it, folks. The frumpy sweater isn't actually so frumpy, is it?


Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre-Holiday Outfit Post (With a special guest!)

Hey everyone! I've once again neglected posting for which I have no excuse (besides having marvelous adventures in LA), so I won't make any... besides the one in parentheses. Lots o' shit has happened in the past few months.*

Living in LA was educational and transformational in a lot of a ways. I ended up doing some serious people-watching, and picked up a few tips regarding urban style, one being the ease and casuality of Angeleno fashion. I saw some ladies and gents rock casual shapes and styles while maintaining a fresh, chic, and edgy air. Second, they really know how to wear neutrals in terms of color, cut, and outfit palette.

While my first impulse is to wear teal, brights and lightweight fabrics, I've been really digging a more androgynous style as of late, mixing muted colors and more structured shapes that just make me feel... snazzy.

Claire came to visit the past few days, which was totally kickass. Reuniting always gets out creative juices flowing, so expect more from us in the coming weeks! Here's what I wore on an adventure day to Santa Cruz:

(Top: Gap, thrifted; blazer: vintage, thrifted; scarf: Eugene, OR; pants: BDG, thrifted; belt: thrifted; SHUZ: Plenty by Tracy Reece, sample sale)

(If you didn't notice, these shoes are UNGODLY AWESOME. I snagged 'em for $30 bucks at a sample sale in San Francisco over Thanksgiving. They feel like a dream after a whole day of walking and can we talk about how crushed velvet and menswear shoes are a match made in heaven?)

I apologize for the unintentional hiatus. Hopefully you all still enjoy our inconsistent yet enthusiastic tirades. Much love to you and yours this holiday season! May your eating binges taste like holiday cheer!


*I spent the fall semester living in inner-city Los Angeles, my parents relocated from Seattle to San Jose, and I've been trying to figure out where I'll spend five months abroad beginning in June.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Makeup

This is the only picture I have of my halloween decorations.
Hopefully I will acquire more soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beth Ditto

You guys, seriously, if you don't know who Beth Ditto is, you need to.
She is part of the band Gossip, but more importantly she is a huge badass.
Check her out:

She does her thing, rocking whatever she wants in exactly the way she wants.
How can you not be inspired by her unapologetic confidence?
(incidentally, her makeup is always amazing)
Rock the jiggle lovelies!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Makeup for Interviews

Hello Lovelies!
Job interviews are terrifying!
So what makeup can you wear to help give the best first impression?
Simple, understated and polished
Neutral and natural- you, but cleaned up and ready to conquer.

Drama Queens
Some people might think that they are making a striking, bold move,
but you don't want anything to detract from your professionalism.
This means no bright colors, dark lips, shimmery highlights, or super smoky eyes
Basically, go for "daytime" not "nighttime"

You want to appear mature and competent,
so avoid anything that will make you seem adolescent.
No glitter, sparkles, super shiny lipgloss, bright or black nails, or blue eyeliner


Your skin should look healthy and clear
Basically, you don't want your skin to be something that draws attention.
Illamasqua skinbase foundation
very light on the skin, but covers well and looks effortlessly natural
Estee Lauder Double Wear
for more problematic skin,
this full coverage foundation will cover almost everything and last all day
Clinique Airbrush concealer
light reflecting particles make this the perfect undereye concealer and brightener
MAC studio finish concealer

Go for a neutral eye: muted eyeshadow and curled, mascaraed lashes.
If you like a little shimmer, your eyes is where you can get away with it.

MAC eyelash curler
very good, not as good as Shu Uemera but you can't get that in the US anymore

Clinique High Impact Mascara
my current favorite
Urban Decay Naked Palette
every neutral color you will ever need, great deal, amazing quality

Tip: If you feel naked without eyeliner, try brown instead of black
or an eyeshadow on the lash line instead

You want a fresh natural flush, barely there
Nars Deep Throat
beautiful and so unassuming
like Orgasm, but without the shimmer and pinker
(lovely on warm skin tones)
Mac Lillicent
This gives the most natural glow to olive or golden skin tones

Soft and as close to your natural lip as possible
You don't want your interviewer staring at your garish lips the whole time.

You want to look well groomed but you don't want them to distract
either go for a well manicured bare nail
or try some muted colors

OPI: Bubblebath
Essie: Cafe Forgot
Orly: Toast to the Couple

Clean, managed, and under control
It doesn't matter much how you wear it, but keep it out of your face.
Again, no distractions.

A few great examples:

Berit is coming soon with interview fashion advice!
Stay Lovely!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogs You Should Follow: Studs & Pearls

I thought it would be a great idea to begin a new little post topic of blogs our readers should check out. My first recommendation is Studs & Pearls.

As a lover of all things DIY, Kirsten at Studs & Pearls blows my freaking mind because her blog is purely DIY. Her vast creativity and ability to craft DIY tutorials accessible and do-able by every skill level is something I've always admired.

Here's a few of my favorite projects she's done:

(DIY Burberry studded trench)
(DIY statement rings from random found objects)
(DIY lanyard weave cuffs)

Check it out and bask in the cleverness!!



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