Monday, January 3, 2011

Product Review: BDG Ankle Grazer Cigarette Jean

I don't usually make many purchases from Urban Outfitters due to the exorbitant prices ($35 for a ratty looking t-shirt? No thanks...) But let's be real: there are some gems to be found and they can have some rockin' sales!

How many of you feel kind of nauseous just thinking about shopping for jeans? It's so DIFFICULT to find a pair that fit just the way you want. Will they stretch out? Are they too long? Do they rise high enough for you to feel comfortable in them? Is there any creasing or pulling around the zipper? Blah blah blah blah.

I recently purchased this pair of BDG Grazer Cigarette jeans for $30 on sale at UO. At 4% spandex they're incredibly comfortable but won't stretch out and don't look like jeggings, either. Their ankle length and skinny fit are great for flats or boots and have nicely sized, plain pockets that would flatter any backside!

Plus they have a little Audrey Hepburn sass..

What is your staple denim brand or cut?


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