Thursday, June 25, 2009

Romper Lust (and two posts in one day...?!?)

You can probably recall them: that ridiculous article of clothing that has haunted us since our childhood (or young adulthood if you grew up in the 70's). They go by many name: rompers, onesies, playsuits... and they're back in full force with their childish cuteness and awkward i-have-to-pee-and-must-remove-the-whole-thing charm! Some are even, dare I say... sexy?!

Despite my mother's fair warnings, I have been lusting after these bad boys, biding my time and frankly desperately searching for one that isn't utterly unflattering.

I present: ROMPERS!!!!

Go with the Spendy?1) Bellatrix Printed Silk Romper $98.00
2) Nanette Lepore Optical Romper $325.00
3) Anna Sui Constellation Border Romper $495.00

Or Cheap & Trendy?
1) F21 Satin Trim Romper $38.00
2) F21 Sweet Polka Dot Romper $19.80
3) fredflare Ruffle Bib Drawstring Onesie $39.99

What do you think of rompers? Silly or glorious?

Also: JIMMYCHOOFORH&M?!?!?!?!?*faints*

-Berit xoxo

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Today it was discovered that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has died of cardiac arrest. Despite his disputed personal decisions, MJ was an amazing musician and influence on worldwide pop culture.

We'll never forget his glorious sequined Sargent Pepper jackets: Or his famous Thriller get-up:
Or his influence on the rest of our wardrobes:

Rest in peace, MJ! Your memory will live on, especially in the fashion world!

-Berit xoxo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today I saw your face again; it reminded me of snow...

"Dress stay crisp for him, 
button stay put, 
bloom narcissus-
air stay still and sweet."
-F Scott Fitzgerald

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Worst Nightmare

Painful, unsightly,
making you want to cry, hide, and scream,
it creeps up on you in the dark...

Whoa there sister.
Chill out!
Yes, it looks terrible and hurts like a mother but never fear!
Claire is here! :D

Most monster zits are cystic pimples, also known as the "under the skin" zit.
You can normally feel the tenderness before the inflammation shows up,
and it appears as a bump without any sort of whitehead.
These are the kinds of zits that scar most easily.
They form WAAAAY down deep within the pore.

The pore itself is clogged up with some hard concentrated oil,
and while you will no doubt try to squeeze, pick, scrape, stab, and otherwise attack it,
that thing is not going to pop.
At least not on the surface.
See the zit is formed sooooo deep within the skin that sometimes if you squeeze it,
you cause it to pop INSIDE YOUR FACE.
Yeah its as terrible as it sounds.
So stop causing yourself unnecessary pain and don't touch it.

1) First, remember that this is a wound,
just like getting stabbed or getting your tooth pulled.
There is no miracle zit cream that will make it heal overnight.
It will take some time to heal.

2) In order to draw the zit to the surface, steam it.
This means putting a wet washcloth in the microwave for 2 minutes.
when its ready, place the cloth gently on your blemish
It will probably hurt a little because its so warm,
but thats the feeling of your pore stretching open so that all that gross infection can come out!

3) Let the zit steam for about 10 minutes,
then gently pull the edges of it out to open up the pore even more.

3) This is the hard part.
you won't make any headway
and could potential just undo all that work you just put in

4) Dab some zit cream with benzoyl peroxide on it.

5) Repeat two to three times a day until the zit forms a large white head.
Make sure to moisturize as normal. Drying it out will not help.
(think of a scab. it heals faster if you keep it moist right? your zit is the same)

6) While waiting for it to heal:
mix concealer with a little translucent powder so that it is thicker and will have more coverage. dab it on with your middle finger, and seal with more powder.
WASH OFF before you steam.

Before you know it, the inflammation will have gone down,
and you will be glowing again in a few days :D

here is a little list of pleasant things to think about
when you are trying NOT to think about how much you really want to touch your face:
*porcelain colored skin
*opaque black tights
*charm bracelets
*snowpink cheeks
*costume storage spaces-Miles and miles of dresses and thousands of shoes. and WIGS.
*gangster guys who are really good with kids
*japanese boys with gravity defying hair
*shiatsu massage mmmmmmm
*lip piercings
and this picture


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Glorious Interlude- The Keybag

Joao Sabino, a Portuguese designer, has been producing the Keybag since 2004, but I think that this is one piece of technology that won't go obsolete.


They can be bought here- pricey, but worth the splurge, in my opinion...

-Berit xo

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I RETURNNNNN (and more importantly, PARIS)

So obviously it's been AGES since I posted, but as you all know life can get a little crazy...
back in March (yes, MARCH) I went to France for a week with my mom. It was amazing, and despite my non-stop adventuring, eating, and art-appreciating, I managed to do a little shopping and take some notes :)

Those chicas in Paris know what's up. Their style is tasteful, classy, tailored, daring, and glorious with a baguette on the side!

I'm going to break it all up into a few different posts, but for right now I'd like to cover:

Everyone wears boots in Paris. Everyone. Big heel, wedge, flat, knee-high, ankle, thigh-high, black, purple, leather, suede... they've got it all! Obviously boots are a big deal in the U.S. as well, but it was truly a staple in Paris. Boots are great in inclement weather, with sundresses, out at night, out to coffee, and if you buy a good pair, they are comfy as hell and last a lifetime! I tromped all over in my Gee WaWa boots and didn't get one sore toe!

1) Bethany Strappy Softie $388.00
2) Nine West Buckle Detail Flat Riding Boots £120.00
3) Oasis Studded Boot £74.00
Target Xhilaration Kayden Utility Boot $17.48
Steve Madden Gesar $159.95

Knotted Chain Necklaces
These necklaces were abundant in all the shops I visited- knotted chain necklaces that were chunky, sleek, edgy, sexy... and easily d.i.y.-able!

1) Oasis Multi Row Knot Necklace £8.00
Forever21 Knotted Jewel Necklace $6.80
3) Forever21
Knotted Chain & Pearl Necklace $8.80
4) Majorica 'Baroque Love Knot' Lariat Necklace $145.00

Ahhh it's 2 in the morning!! Time to call it a night... but I'll be back! With LOTS more lovely fashion glories to discuss! Just in case your mouths weren't already watering:

Behold! La Galerie Lafayette- a popular "department store" that for my mother and I started as a curious peek turned into a two-hour expedition. The store was 5 stories and was organized by designer label. Nothing was affordable, of course... but oh, to drool over Lanvin, Betsey Johnson, and Christian Lacroix in one place?!

Dream of such places (except with dollar-store prices!) and sleep well, my beauties :)

-Berit xo

Monday, June 1, 2009


HAY! First post in AGES, this is Claire
Berit has been super busy, so satisfy yourself with makeup posts for now!

Guess what guys? It's PROM TIME!!!!
Which means (what else) time to start getting FABULOUSSSSS

If there is one product I would recommend for prom, it is foundation.
Flawless skin is a must for good pictures and ultimate FINE factor...

Foundation Basics
*Test on your jawbone in the store. Never purchase and hope you get lucky with the color
*Moisturize before hand-it helps the color adhere to your skin and to blend
*If you only have a few problem spots, you don't have cover your whole face.
*You can always layer if you aren't getting enough coverage
*Finish with a translucent powder so it will stay in place

And, of course,
A Few Little Tips for Prom
*Have fun with your makeup, do something you wouldn't do for school,
be a little crazy for your night out
*Use a chapstick. Nothing worse than chapped lips
*Moisturize (as always)
*Crest Whitestrips. Seriously. It will make any picture better, and smile more luminous.
*Brush your teeth before your makeup (stanky breathe is a no no).
also bring mints and meh beh floss for after dinner?
*Bring along your lip color and powder to freshen up throughout the night
*Fake eyelashes are always fun if you want to try them
*Invest in an Eyemakeup Remover Pen, and bring along some Cutips.
*Shave your legs, even if they aren't showing. its all about how it feels~
*If you have a dress where nipple-age in the cold might be an issue, bandaids are a great fix.

Most important is that YOU feel like you look good.
Sexy is the sidewalk, not the chalk.

you are so pretty

*sidenote: did anyone see the new moon trailer?
damn i am so team jacob it almost hurts! NATIVE POWER!!!

avandia recall