Monday, May 30, 2011

My 2011 Prom Creations

This saturday I did several ladies makeup for the Shorecrest High School prom,
and it was AWESOME. Makeup all day? Heaven!
Here are pictures my siblings were able to grab while I was working:
Incidentally, that is my little brother and his girlfriend.
He is quite adorable, if I do say so myself.
I'm exhausted now, but it was so much fun :D

Stay Lovely!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Prom Makeup: Helping out your Pro

If you are like many,
you don't want to or don't feel like you are capable of doing your own prom makeup

Here are a few tips to make sure that you end up with the look you want:
1) Show up with a clean, MOISTURIZED face-
prepped, soft skin = faster, easier and prettier

2) Bring a picture- this helps the artist know what you like.
Just google some celebrities, and you should be able to find something you like.
Here are a few that I keep on hand just in case:

3) If you just want the artist to improvise and do what they think is best,
be clear about that.

4) Let them know what you are comfortable with-
you want to feel pretty, but still you.
Make sure they are aware before they start what you are up for.

5) Explain your skin- it will make all the difference in application,
and be much more comfortable

6) Decide on colors- especially for the eye, if you have colors you like or want,
it's super helpful for the artist to have a palette to work around.

8) Don't be afraid to correct them- it's your face, and you want to feel good.
It is their job to help make the look YOUR look.

Have SO MUCH FUN my lovelies!
And don't forget to remove your makeup after it's all over!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prom Makeup: Cream Eye Shadow Bases

Just like with skin, a good base is a must,
especially if you are going to be dancing and partying.
For eye shadow that lasts, looks true to color, and doesn't crease,
you can use an eye shadow primer like:

However, another option is to use a cream eye shadow base,
these come in many different colors, finishes, and formulations
and are great for creating a base color to build on, or to use alone.
I love using these with a powder eyeshadow to add dimension and stay in place.

Smooth and creamy, and with loads of rich, shimmery colors
MAC Paintpots ($16.50)
Dry very quickly and comes in the best neutral, matte colors
Very light, comes in an amazing bright color selection, and are waterproof as well!


Prom Makeup: Foundation Primers

Hello Lovelies!
My brain has officially recovered from finals- I have missed you so!
Prom is coming up quickly for many,
so for the rest of the week I will post with tips and products to help you look your best!

The main thing is longevity, you want your makeup to last through out dinner and dancing.
However, you also want your makeup be comfortable and look effortless.

First off, you need a great base.
Try a foundation primer- this will create something for your makeup to adhere to,
it will smooth out the skin and fill-but not clog-your pores, counteract skin problems,
and help your makeup last.

For oily skin
Look for a product that is silicon based and mattifying
Givenchy Mister Mat
(available at Sephora for 31$)

For dry skin
You can use your moisturizer, my favorite to wear under makeup is:

Embryolisse- paraben free!
(this is a french product, you can get it on Amazon for 14$)
You may also use a very moisturizing primer

Boots Botanics Beauty Balm
(available for 15$ at Target)

For combination skin
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
(available at Sephora for 30$)

For rosy skin
look for a product that is green- it will mute the redness in your skin
Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base-
best used with the foundation from the same line
(available at Macy's or Sephora for 19$)

For yellow skin
A pink primer will counteract any sallowness
Makeup Forever Primer
(available at Sephora for 32$)

For normal skin

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
(available at Sephora for 30$)

hope this helps-
tomorrow I'm posting on eye shadow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tokyo Milk Fragrances: Smelly Goodness

My birthday's coming up in a month or so and I'm running out of perfume. I HATE perfume shopping, I usually have found a scent through a magazine... not down with spending an hour in the fragrances department while sales associates act all haughty and everything starts to smell the same.

ANYWAY, the other day I was in a cute gift shop and caught a whiff of heaven: Tokyo Milk's "Tainted Love." I usually love light, citrus-y scents but this is deep, musky and... seductive?
"Tainted Love" consists of dark vanilla bean, orchid, white tea, and sandalwood. It kind of reminded me of Burberry scents.

Tokyo Milk makes a wide array of other scents, and at $38 bucks a pop, it's a pretty great deal for unique scents. Not to mention I woke up the next morning still smelling the perfume on myself, so it's nice to know I won't have to bathe in it in order to smell nice all day.

What are your favorite perfumes at the moment? My other favorite is a men's Bulgari scent.


P.S. IT'S SUMMER BETCHES. For real, I've been home almost a whole week now and it's kind of hard to believe I'm halfway done with college. Plus it's raining, as usual, so it doesn't even feel like summer.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water Proof Mascara

Summer is almost upon us,
which means lots of warm lovely days, time in the water, and wonderful endless nights.
Of course, this spells out trouble for your mascara.
It can be difficult to find a really great waterproof formula that really works, doesn't get crispy, and actually looks as good as a nonwaterproof product.
Here are some amazing waterproof formulas that WILL NOT MOVE-
swim, cry, sweat or dance party
but also give your winkers all the extra oompf they deserve.

1) Covergirl LashBlast
available at drugstores for 6$
This is my favorite mascara right now,
The patented brush and awesome formula offer unbeatable results:
SUPER volumizing but not clumpy, lengthening but not spiky,
it holds a curl like no other, and just looks amazing on everyone.
A tube of it will last you forever and it's super super cheap!
The waterproof formula is the best you can find.

For example, I have put it on at the beginning of the day, gone to the gym, taken a shower, taken a nap, gone to a concert (NEW PORNOGRAPHERS FTW) and taken another shower, and it still looks perfect.

The cons are that because it is so awesome,
it can be hard to remove unless you really know how.
(see my makeup removal post for instruction!)

available at Sephora for 19$
This offers a light formula that can be built up, but it never clumps or flecks upon layering,
so you can go with either subtle feathery lashes or more dramatic and full
and it looks lovely either way.
This will last and last and last, and still look natural.
Also, it is environmentally and animal friendly!

The con would be the high price :/

available at MAC store and Nordstrom for 14$
This mascara is amazingly waterproof and really beautiful.
The brush makes it easy to get a beautiful lash fast, and it never flakes or crunches.

The cons are that the tube is short so you don't get much product
and it is a pretty wet formula so it doesn't hold a curl.

Hope this was helpful-
as always, we love your comments, feedback, and post requests!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Choose Happiness

1) This scene from 500Days of Summer (and Matthew Grey Gubler!!!!)


3) Rocking naturally unruly hair

4) Kanye sportin' a women's Celine blouse at Coachella -and looking awesome.


6) Amy Poehler and Will Arnett being the magnificent power couple that they are.

xoxo B & C

Monday, May 2, 2011

Product of the Week: Lash Glue

I love false eyelashes. They are so so so much fun!
But getting them on can be a pain- the glue that you usually get comes in squirt tubes
and inevitably, you make a mistake and end up with a mess.
Cue my new favorite product, by Revlon
It comes in a screw shut tube with a brush so you have total control over the application,
saving you mess, preserving the product, and making everything more wonderful.
The glue itself is also waterproof, latex free, fast drying and much more transparent than others out there.
(no sketchy white glue line above your lashes)
Find it in the false lash section of your local drugstore for $5.00


avandia recall