Sunday, June 13, 2010


I never thought I liked weddings-
having only been to one wedding ever (when I was 4)
and rather disliking the idea of marriage.
However, today I did makeup for a wedding (8 people in 3 hours- phew!)
And when the bride paraded around the kitchen in full regalia, I actually teared up.
Because she looked beautiful, happy, and in love.
(I'll try and post pictures)
Plus I did a damn good job on her makeup.
My most valuable tool?
My brand new BBU Pro Foundation Palette from Bobbi Brown-
the makeup artist not the crack addict
It has a full range of colors in both concealer and foundation,
which enables me to match any skin tone.
And for photo ready skin, well-matched foundation is a must!
You don't want any imperfections to show-
that works too i guess...

Sometimes I have a hard time believing in love,
but today reminded me that it is out there, elusive and magical.

I love makeup.


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