Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pawm, A Completely Random Post! Lolz!

Last Saturday I went to prom (for the second time, I graduated in 2009). I wanted to look nice but also I didn't want to spend tons of money... nor did I have tons of money to spend!

A year or two ago my aunt had given me this really quite pretty Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax dress that had been her daughter's in the 80's. It's an emerald green as you can see in the photos below. However, it's sleeves and long length made it look a bit dated. SoOoOoo...

I had it shortened, a layer of tulle added, and a sleeve taken off:

(Doesn't everyone look beautiful? :3)
(The handsome boy c: )

All for $50.00! Not too shabby, methinks!



  1. that dress turned out fabulous! totes gorge.
    also, i LOVE your poof :)

  2. You two are very classy, and I love your shoes.

  3. You looked so SO stunning!

  4. do my eyes deceive me, or is that my dirty old green prom dress that you turned into a runway dress??!?! OMG!! you totally rock, always blow me away, my sweet talented cousin! k.


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