Monday, June 7, 2010

Delicious Summer Dresses From Modcloth!

Modcloth is a fantastic place to find basically anything clothing-wise. It's the sweet, the silly, the edgy, the classy... and it's all just plain interesting. There are few places online where you can get pieces with so many cute details that give them just a little more pop.

Going to school in SoCal (lolz) obviously means that the temperature soars quite frequently. Combine that with my love for dresses and you have... a closet full of dresses! Here are some of my most recent favorites from Modcloth:

Blue Women's Group Dress- $62.99

The weather in Seattle isn't feeling summer-y yet... or even pleasantly spring-y either :( Let's hope the sun finally comes out (and the dresses as well!)!


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