Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheaper Alternatives #3

Apple Cider Vinegar!
i apologize, my twilight fever is taking over...

*Rinse damaged hair with 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 3 parts water
once a week after shampooing to clarify magically-
helps to remove gucky buildup,
prevents split ends,
tones the cuticle,
and makes your hair SUPER shiny.

*Massage into your scalp twice a week for dandruff.

*If your skin gets stained from hair dye, swabbing some of
this wonderful stuff on the stains removes them easily!

Fresh and Clean:
*Use some to dampen a cotton ball and apply to your
... lady area...
it works wonders!
-can be used to freshen up after wearing spandex,
clean up when you are surfing the red tide,
or even treat a yeast infection.
I'm all about keeping your vajayjay happy!

*Swipe on your face once a month to purge your pores and
increase circulation in your facial capillaries.
It is so rich in exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids
that using it more than once every two weeks
spells danger for your facial pH.

*Apply some diluted with water and ice cubes to sunburns.
Feel the AHHHHH relief,
which is restoring the pH balance to your skin.

This stuff is seriously awesome, and costs about 6 dollars at any grocery store!


Since I can't stop thinking about how Eclipse is coming out soon...
I might as well mention:
I actually love K.Stew-
her style is awesome

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