Monday, June 21, 2010

Obey T-Shirts Fo' Life

Even though I like to wear frilly ridiculous things 80% of the time, everyone can dig a nice, soft t-shirt, right?

(the usual.)

I've had this fantastic Obey tri-blend t-shirt for like four years and it's the best possible comfy-yet-stylish item of clothing to be found in this corner of the galaxy! (for reals)

Their shirts are soft and supple yet substantial; said t-shirt just started showing signs of wear this year when I found I had a habit of leaning on the counters and work and tearing holes in all my shirts...

I digress.

Basically, it was time for a new shirt that was comfortable yet interesting, of which Obey products are both. Their graphics, in a word, ROCK.

(this looks like a Monet painting, no (err, oi?)?)

I just ordered this off, which I found had the best prices (trust me, I did shameful amounts of research for a single shirt). Here's the page for their Obey products, mine was on sale and cost like $20 including shipping.

Hooray for deliciously comfy clothes!


P.S. Sorry for the crappy webcam photos, girlfriend gets lazy sometimes, you know? Also I'll use real photos when the blog is actually useful ;)

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