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Blackheads- Prevent and Treat

"How do I prevent blackheads?!?! I exfoliate occasionally. But I've also heard from my sister that you can permanately bruise your face from exfolating (she has blue-ish tiny lines to prove where it's messed up veins because she used to exfoliate every day)."
- MolleeWobbles (the cutest thing since sneezy pandas)
Well Mollee...

A blackhead is basically an open pore
(when the pore is closed, it becomes a whitehead)
that is plugged with sebum (hard, waxy oil) and dead skin.
Because the pore is opened, the plug when exposed
undergoes an oxidation reaction making it appear black.
Blackheads are not fun. Duh.
But while preventing them on prone skin is very difficult,
it is definitely possible.

All skin care relies on creating a healthy, consistent balance.

The most common skin care mistakes people make are:
picking at their skin (BERIT)
assuming that using tons of clearasil will make their acne disappear overnight.
None of these things work.
These things DO work:

1. Cleanse-
Morning and night, take a minute out of your day and wash your face.
Keeping your pores clean is the best way to prevent blackheads.
Use a cleansing oil or a face wash with salicylic acid to help dissolve the sebum
(oil cleansers may sound and feel odd at first but they work GREAT).
Don't use Neutrogena or Clean and Clear (they are WAY too harsh).
Instead try:

a GREAT formula. Available at any drugstore for cheap!

If you are brave enough to try a cleansing oil,
the one I use is
It moisturizes, but more importantly it cleans better and more gently
than anything I have yet to encounter.
(32$ is a splurge though)

2. Tone
This helps keep pores clear and tight,
so that yucky stuff can't get in there.
It also prepares your skin for moisturizer
is the best, cheapest toner out there-
click the link for more info
available at any grocery store.

NEVER use alcohol based astringents!!!!
They strip your skin of essential oils.

3. Exfoliate
Yes Mollee, you can harm your face by exfoliating too much and too vigorously.
The point of exfoliation is to gently sluff off the dead skin cells.
Scrubbing really hard actually does nothing-
the dead cells are still the dead ones and the live ones are still the live ones.
Don't hurt yourself lady!
Take it easy, and you will be glowing in no time...
So use a gentle scrub three times a week,
and moisturize immediately afterward.

SO cheap, and works like a charm.

4. Moisturize
The single most important aspect of skin care.
Prevent dead skin and inflammation,
moisturize with a light face lotion after you tone.
Go HERE for further elaboration of the glories of moisturizing
and for product recommendations.

5. Treating
If blackheads do appear, a good mask is always your best bet.
Only 12 dollars, and sucks all the yuck right out of your face!

6. Extractions
Well, lovelies, I know you want to squeeze the icky stuff out of there.
But unless you can see the head of the plug, don't touch it.
If you do see the top emerging from the pore,
use an extractor (found at your local drugstore)
to push down on either side of the pore and force the plug up.
This will be sanitary and prevent scarring.
Looks like this:

And remember, stress only helps acne thrive.
Stay calm and carry on.

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