Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review: Kevin Murphy

During a trip to get my hair did (but I'm growing it out! for the first time in years!), I mentioned to my stylist my need for some kind of lightweight texturizer for my hair.

You see, my head is basically covered in billions of fine, wispy-ish hairs. Like a baby.

Thus, it's extremely hard for me to get my hair to do anything except lay there like all the air's been let out of it.

I was recommended a product by Australia-based stylist kevin.murphy called hair.resort. It's delicious-smelling gel (not heavy like some creme texturizers) adds weight and texture to hair, giving it a bit of a beachy look (for a cheaper alternative, Claire recommends adding a little salt to some water in a spray bottle). It doesn't crisp up but instead blends into the hair nicely.

Even better, kevin.murphy products are made almost completely with natural ingredients like grapefruit seed extract or organic chamomile extract. On my last trip I picked up a couple sample bottles of some of his shampoos and conditioners, luxury.wash and luxury.rinse. It smells glorious and makes you feel like you're having your hair washed at a salon. I daresay it is the shit. Hooray!

The texturizer was a bit of a spurge for me at around $30.00, but it's lasted forever and was well worth the money in my opinion!


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