Monday, May 17, 2010

J Crew: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

J Crew. Where do I even start? How often do I lust after clothes I cannot afford? All the time. How often am I as in love with a label's styled advertising as I am with their designs? Not all the time.

J Crew has always conjured up images of expensive, plain t-shirts and slacks (slacks have a decidedly negative connotation in my mind, but I feel that if they were named something else I would feel differently... let's stick with pants or trousers, shall we?). However, since Jenna Lyons took over as creative director at J Crew, the company's collections have begun to show a wonderful intermingling of the classy and plain and the classy and the... noticeably less plain and classy. And the styling in their catalogues is absolutely to DIE FOR.

Think slouchy linen cargo jackets paired with a feminine blouse and loads of accessories. Picture business-minded blazers married to fluttery floral maxi dresses. Imagine a world where business casual and classic ladylike looks meet with some sequins thrown in. This is the newly evolved face of J Crew:

Here's a clip from a feature Oprah did on Jenna Lyons, an excellent display of a day in the life of a creative director.

-Berit xoxo

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