Thursday, May 27, 2010

Darth Vader: Fashionista

Say what?
Yeah, thats right!
Anakin aka the interstellar Sex God
has taken a turn for the better!
How you ask?

In the form of the Vader Project:
Beginning in 2007, the Vader Project is an internationally renowned exhibition
featuring 4 installments of 100 iconic Vader helmets
re-imagined by notable artists such as
Dalek, Paul Frank, Tokidoki, Suckadelic, Mister Cartoon, and Ecko.
And this summer will be the last installment
I'm thinking this is a TOTEMO entertaining and innovative way of celebrating art culture.
Here are some of my favorites!
black velvet and an exposed brain? AWE-GASM

actually, fun fact:
My AP English 12 teacher Andre Berkbigler (HUGE sav.)
pointed out that the Vader helmet shape combines two elements of design that made it especially menacing to the American public at the time the movie was released-
the back mimics the samurai helmet of Japan
and the top looks just like a Nazi combat helmet.
The fusion of these two represented a subconscious fear our society had of these two cultures.
anyways, here's another one:
can you say haute couture?
i can't help but think of weed when i look at this one...


To see more pictures go here
If you like the pictures enough, order the catalog here

I love the world-
and that includes

driving fast
makeup wipes
flower pots
espresso machines
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
chicken yakisoba
homemade cookie dough
Birthday Money!!!

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