Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fini: Awesome Seattle Shops Pt. I

Seattle has some great shops. It's also got a lot of really, really weird stuff. Pike Place Market has a splendid mix of the two, so I thought I'd blog a little bit about some of my favorites in the extremely diverse area!

My mother and I were downtown this past Saturday for the CHEESE FESTIVAL. The fantastic weather, the 3 cruise ships docked in the Seattle port and the CHEESE FESTIVAL seemed to be enough to draw 3,000,000,000,000 people to the market. It was INSANITY. Cheesy insanity (who knew WASABI CHEESE existed?!).

In an attempt to escape the crowds, we left the market and found ourselves in a little courtyard belonging to the Inn at the Market. An then we found Fini. Quaint, well-lit, and cluttered in a most charming way, Fini is a boutique that features accessories that are suitable for any age group, picky friend, or even a little self treat ;)

The shop's blog features new items in the store narrated by the charming ladies at that wonderful place... sassy yet unassuming! Hooray!

-Berit :D

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