Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ms. Berit Homemaker? Awkward.

I've been at school nearly two weeks now in the new apartment and I have to say, it's finally starting to look like home! Not only that, but it's FANTASTIC to have our own kitchen...

All summer we were so excited to do some decorating, and here are the highlights!

(Huge Ball canning jars to keep the sugar, flour, and coffee in, tied up with ribbons! The jars were $4 each for the half gallon ones and the ribbon was $1 a spool, all in all about $12 to create cute storage space for baking ingredients! Also reminds me of when we used Ball jars as drinking glasses when I was little.)

(Scrabble letter magnets for the fridge)

(dragonflies on the wall)

(Tibetan prayer flags and prints from my brother's girlfriend, who is a graphic designer!)

(vintage table cloth from mama)

Aaand... banana bread muffins with granola!

Now if only the boy was here...


P.S. Went on a trip to Michael's. My wallet got pwned.


  1. Oh, I love it! You are so much like your mama - you've got such a great eye for decorating. LOVE those prints. Ely did those? I'll have to hit her up for some prints for my place :-)

  2. baby giiiirl!! it looks soooo good. :] i'm glad you guys used the table and it didn't just get pawned off as junk on you. haha. so sowwy. da nissan only holds so much. hehe. wuuv ewe.


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