Sunday, September 12, 2010

on rocking the jiggle

Once, while cleaning out Berit's room
I found a pair of her jeans.
They barely fit over my shin.

It is SO easy to get used to the idea that somehow,
we are supposed to look, be, FEEL different.

But beauty and style aren't boxes to try and fit into
Glamour received an EXPLOSION of responses
after publishing this picture of 20 year old Lizzie Miller-
both good and bad.
My vote?
Her smile is precious!
Jordin Sparks is gorgeous,
and she knows it-
and THAT is why I love her
(plus, Blake Lewis was a terrible beatboxer)
Having a dad like David Hasselhoff could lead to all sorts of issues
but Haley Hasselhoff flaunts her size 13 body
better than any Baywatch barbie.
(I had so much fun watching HUGE this summer- check it out!)
Speaking of which...
Nikki Blonsky!
Hairspray- and John Travolta- defies the norm-
and it brought in 27 mill on opening weekend!
Take THAT Megan Fox!
Jenna Ushkowitz- from Glee!
Doesn't she look healthy-
and HAPPY!!!
Hips, basoomas, tummy AND she's a ginger?
Christina Hendricks,
you are a BADASS
Real Women Have Curves!
America Ferrera is no Ugly Betty.
Also, she plays Carmen in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants:
"Tell everybody that Carmen's Puerto Rican.
And it never occurred to you she might be built differently.
Or that, unlike you and your daughter,
she has an ass!"
geez honey, use a dick!
V magazine accidentally published the unphotoshopped version first-
then quickly rectified their "error"
Oh please-
Kim Kardashian is sexy without the airbrush
clearly Justin Bieber doesn't mind.
Who looks better?
Who cares?
Two stunning women, embracing their figures-
Sounds like every straight mans dream.
When Renee Zellweger put on 30 pounds for Bridget Jones,
she positively GLOWED
Then she shrunk back down
and I pouted for days.
Sara Ramirez-
Her role as Callie Torres on Greys Anatomy not only rocked my socks off
(and I don't even like the show!)
But it made a profound impact on her:
"Nobody from the show said I was too heavy.
Instead, they wanted me to dance in my underwear."
All those curves on such a tiny little frame might seem a bit much...
in theory.
but anyone who has seen Y Tu Mama Tambien-
or a movie she was actually in, for that matter-
could never doubt Salma Hayek's serious beauty.
She sings, she dances, she gets her dirty on with Jay-Z,
she struts her badonk like no ones business
and uses it to knock all other Destiny's Child members into the far reaches of oblivion.

Full disclosure:
Hi, my name is Claire Fusako Neble Matsunami
and I am a 38-33-40 size 12
I don't work out enough
but I eat as healthy as I can
I love to run around naked
but hate when people see me in a bikini
I lost 20 pounds this summer
and I still feel insecure
Everyday I am afraid that this isn't good enough.

But while my eyes misted up as I tugged Berit's pants off
I knew, and you know,
that her body is hers
and my body is mine
and yours is yours

Everyone fights their own battles.
From eating disorders
to depression
to just plain self consciousness.

lets take it easy on ourselves
and lets not stop fighting


  1. Claire, you are one of the most beautiful people I know.

  2. This entire article has gotten rid of so many of the doubts about my shape I have been having so depressingly over the summer and last few weeks. Thanks Claire, I miss you.

  3. hi claire, i feel you i really do, i was slim before, but when i got pregnant i really gained a lot because i have a lot of excuses for my eating habits, cravings and all that, even when i gave birth, all the reasoning in the world just to satisfy me, and dont see my self the way people see me, but one day i was so frustrated that i bought a lot of clothes that doesnt really fit me,, so what i did was i exercise and eat less carbo/fats/sweets/sodAs/chips/ name it, from 175lbs i was down to 145lbs, but it seems like you just really cant please everybody,, so im doing this for myself, i might me healthy on the outside but how about in the inside? thinking about how will it be 10yrs-20yrs from now,, i dont want to inject insulin 2x day, or take anti hypertensive medications, i want to enjoy life,,, i want to have more energy,,, i dont care if they think im fat, but what i know is that im doing this because i want to be healthy and want see my grandchildren... keep it up and who knows! we next summer we can wear our bikini!!! :D (keeping my fingers/toes cross)


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