Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have received pictures from the two weddings I did makeup for this summer!
Here is the first one, her name is Karen and she has the most amazing eyelashes ever:
Don't you adore her little tiara!?
Initially, we practiced with a purple eye to match her bouquet,
but she ended up deciding on cream and golden brown with winged eyeliner,
which I think was a wonderful choice- don't you?
She has the most delightfully large smooth eyelids,
so the look was easy as pie!
mmmm pie.

For her bridal party, I wanted to give the girls really neutral colors,
because the dresses were such a soft blue anything dark would have been too much.
So, lots of soft browns and bronze.
The one with the bleached bangs asked for a 1920's winged eye and false lashes,
so I got to have fun with her.
I used my Bobbi Brown University foundation palette for the first time on these girls,
and it was an absolute life saver!
I was able to match all of them and give them the flawless skin they wanted for the pictures!

Here is the second wedding, her name was Carson.
You might recognize her as the maid of honor from the previous wedding.
I wasn't originally supposed to do her makeup, only her bridal party,
but the lady who was supposed to actually did their hair too and cut her finger really badly.
I had extra time after I was done with the other girls, so I was able to do the bride.
She wanted a really dark black smoky eye-
but since she had an outdoor wedding (which, by the way, was beautiful)
I didn't want to smoke it out too much so I kept most of the color near her lashes.
I used a pair of big fluffy falsies to give her extra blink blinkage.
I also filled in her brows with a light fawn color to help balance the eyes.
Apparently I had on purple nail polish...
Her hair was AWESOME
Here is the previous brides look for Carson's wedding-
each of the girls had these awesome antique pins for their hair.
The girls had yellow dresses, so they had all been tanning up a storm.
It was actually pretty hard to match all of their foundations.
I went with a lot of lighter shimmery colors and dark dark eyelashes.
The girls were SO funny, it was hilarious to watch them interact.
I adore the second shot-
how bad ass!

I also did the mothers for both weddings, but I didn't get sent pictures of them.
Just trust me that they looked great.

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