Sunday, September 26, 2010

DIY: Rainbow Hair!

I love my hair.
I used to spend 200$ to get it done by someone else.
yeah... no.
Here is how to do it all by your wantsy, savvy?

1) Get streaks bleached at a salon.
This is a splurge, but you don't want to try and do it yourself.
Also you only ever need to bleach your hair once,
since it doesn't fade or anything.
2) Choose your color (s)
Special Effects Dye is the best brand,
it lasts forever and the colors are great.
Available online at
3) Get some tint brushes- like 99 cents at any beauty supply store
4) Get some small disposable bowls for the color
5) Get some vinegar-at least 3 cups.
6) Prepare some tinfoil sheets. Cut as many as the streaks you have.
7) Get some bobby pins.

1) lay down newspaper. this stuff will make a mess.
2) put your color in the bowl. use small amounts at a time so you don't waste any.
3) wash your hair REALLY well- until it feel dry and squeaky.
this roughens up the cuticle for the color
4) go through your hair and pick out the bleached streaks-
pin everything else to your head with the bobby pins.
5) place a foil directly up to your scalp, and using the tint brush,
paint enough to saturate the hair.
fold up the foil as neatly as possible-
this will help prevent it from hurting when you take it out.
6) once all your foils are in, either run a flat iron over all the foils
or blow-dry your head for 2 minutes in high heat.
7) doodle around for half an hour
8) unfold the foils, and unpin the rest of your hair
9) pour the vinegar all over your hair- this will help to seal the color in
10) stick your head upside down in the sink or the bathtub
and rinse as much color out as you can
11) use a color safe shampoo and wash your hair twice vigorously.
you don't want color residue to get on your clothes or anything
12) condition your hair for 2 minutes to seal the cuticle.
13) blow dry your hair.
you don't actually need to do this for any purpose other than to see the finished product!



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