Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emmy Awesomeness

So, I loved this years Emmys.
They were sweet, light hearted, fun and all the winners were very deserving.
Favorite moment: the speech that guy from modern family gave- so moving.
I cried.
Big baby tears.
Of course, the stars brought it in the fashion department-
I love the Emmys because everyone is more relaxed than the other awards shows,
and it shows on the red carpet!
Some of my favorites (and my love for Glee in no way affects my choices):

Betty White once again proved that she is the most badass old lady around,
daring to rock a breezy cotton candy two piecer.
Lea Michelle (in Oscar de la Renta) loves her dark, dramatic dresses-
and this wonderful dress is the quintessence of her look.
I loooved her necklace and her sleek, smoky eyes.
- but just to be a diva, her hair looks a little sloppy.
Jenny Ushkowitz in Kevin Hall looks classy and all around beautiful
with perfect hair, gorgeous scarlett dress and killer accessories-
even her pose is perfect!
Get off Broadway girl! You was born for the red carpet!
Amber Riley in a Melissa Masse custom dress...
I love a good grecian dress, and I also love dressing for your figure.
Somewhere, the muses are singing.
Elizabeth Moss in Donna Karan-
This was one of the most incredibly designed dresses of the night
for such a haute couture je nou se qua it translates AWESOMELY to red carpet!
and flatters her curves wonderfully.
Also, you can't tell from this picture, but it moved like a dream.
My FAVE of the night,
Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier.
She looks like she feels comfortable, happy and relaxed.
And that is just damn sexy.
(I bet Kevin Bacon was all over that)
It is the most beautiful color and fabric,
and combined with her glammed up beachy waves, sparkling grin,
unconventional boho bangles and SLAMMING body
She looks effortlessly stunning.
like the sugarplum fairy.

Of course,
there were those who were just epic fails.
Honey, you are so hot.
Are you TRYING to be a boner killer?
Those shoes, that hair, that god awful dress.
This isn't prom night.
Fire your hair stylist.
Where did she even FIND a disaster like this?
it looks like a gothic flamingo threw up on her.
And her husbands shoes.
I'm not sure if he is trying to look approachable,
but I just want to burn his feet.
Too bad this dress had so much potential-
It comes across as a bat run through a dish washer.
Was she trying to make a joke?
I'm not laughing.
And neither is her mercilessly teased hair.

p.s. uploading my video tutorials is proving to be
more time consuming than shaving a gorilla.

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  1. LOL. thanks for posting ;) those were truly hideous and needed some claire commentaire.


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