Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Belated Outfit Post, Eternally Awkward

Last night I was desperately trying to finish my homework before sleep inevitably set in and I thought to myself, "screw it. blog." (Although in my sleep-deprived state I apparently never actually posted it, so here it is)

Lately I've really been digging classic button-ups. They can be worn over dark jeans, tucked into skirts, hidden under piles of necklaces and bangles, and of course can be a classy touch when you've got a more professional task at hand.

(Button-up, Goodwill; skirt, Target; belt, Goodwill; boots, GeeWaWa; necklace, self-made; earrings, Garuda)

All summer I searched for one that had a more relaxed fit. I found the one seen above at Goodwill for $5, it's some weird blend but it's soo comfy and has a really nice slouchy look. It's almost more of a tunic and came with a hideous braided gold belt sewn on, but thank goodness for seam rippers!! I'm really excited to be wearing it as the clouds set in over LA (our equivalent of "winter.").


Also, I can't even tell you how great boots and skirts are when worn together. Something is just really sassy about it.

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