Thursday, July 29, 2010

Style Profile: Max & Gavia

Living in the Northwest practically endows its residents with a quirky sense of style
(okay, that's a gross exaggeration/stereotype, but it has some truth).

I went to high school with a lovely lady named Gavia who you will see in the the following pictures. Gavia has one of the most distinctive styles of any human being living on this planet. Her clothes are a lovely mix of old and new, with styles spanning more decades than she has been alive. I have always respected her quiet confidence, one that allows her to humbly pull off basically anything she chooses.

Her beau mister Max Reikosky is a male mirror image of Gavia.
Let's just say he's got a cool Northwest steez goin for him.

We had a little photoshoot yesterday because I'd like to share with all our readers (all 5? 10 of you? we love you :D) some styles that both stand out and are understatedly cool. Enjoy!

On Gavia: gifted dress; gifted boots; leather hair-band.
On Max: Vintage Reebok tank from The Patch in Victoria, CA; cut off Levi's; Black H&M beach shoes; gifted sunnies.
On Gavia: top stolen from Mrs. Angell; pants from Buffalo Exchange; Jacket borrowed from sister; shoes from Buffalo Exchange.
On Max: t-shirt from Value Village; jeans from H&M; pea coat from H&M; blue sneakers.

On Gavia: lace tank from Goodwill; pants from H&M; Doc Martins from Buffalo Exchange; sweater from local consignment shop.
On Max: flannel from Old Navy; Imaginary Foundation t-shirt; Levi's jeans; Sperry Topsiders boat shoes.



  1. so damn awesome.
    i want to put them in a little plaid recycled cardboard box labeled
    "things I love about Seattle"

  2. AWH YOU GUYZ!!!! Berit, you're so kind!! Jeez lousie I'm blushing up a storm right now... thanks for having this wonderful idea! Can't wait for the clothing exchange, yeauh boi!


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