Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple Dresses Are Magical!

Dresses are fun, period.

There is a dress out there to fit any body type or preference, and nothing is more awesome than waking up to a sunny day and slipping on a lightweight dress. 

Although unique/crazy/eye-catching dresses are delicious, it's also helpful to have a plain dress or two in your arsenal; ones that look completely different with the exchange of just a few accessories.

The other day I picked up a black dress that had a simple cut with a flattering v-neck and a cool t-strap in the back. And then I found one in teal. And cobalt blue.

In the end I picked up the black and teal ones (they were ten bucks EACH, okay?!) and am already glad that I did. They're extremely versatile; I can dress them up or wear them to the beach with a floppy straw hat.

Dress, TJMaxx; sandals, Sam Edelmann (found for super cheap last winter); scarf and belt, thrifted.

Here's some more examples of versatile, plain dresses:

Frenchi Tank Dress- Nordstrom's $31.90

Slub Dress- Gap $19.99

Wohoo! Go frolick with your own sexy soccer stars!


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