Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Any Takers? Re-Purposed Hoodie

A long while I gutted an old (old, old, old...) hoodie. I think it was Roxy brand or something, but it had tacky sparkly designs all over it. I cut them all out and replaced them with a heavy canvas-y fabric, removed the zipper and added military-esque tabs that snap. And then I forgot all about it.

The other week I unearthed it in my closet and decided to add some vintage brass buttons.

Although I really like it, it's not something that will make the final cut when I go back to school (I can only take so many hoodies to a place that rarely dips below 65 degrees). However, it put so much work into it that I don't want to just drop it off at Goodwill!

... Will someone please take this off my hands?!?

It's probably around a size SM-M. Is anyone interested?



  1. I would indeed like that (especially since I live here in good ol' Seattle and therefore need a hoodie)
    (You don't really know me, I just heard about this blog from a friend's friend and have been reading ever since)

  2. If you want to give it to your best friend's little sister, she is very much open to the idea!

  3. DANA you huge terd, that would not fit you
    <3 Claire


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