Monday, July 26, 2010

The Greatest Sin of All: Bad Eyebrows

Well haaaaaay there!
Today, I tried to dye my own hair. Every inch of me is covered in purple and blue!
But my hair looks good!
But you want to know what does not look good?
Beautiful women with hideous eyebrows.
Like Olivia Wilde, the insanely attractive Thirteen from House
oh honey...
speaking of medical shows,
Do any of you watch Royal Pains?
Divya is so sexy
but her eyebrows are stuck in 1992
(also her bra is showing)
or how about
Lauren Conrad?
following in Jennifer Anistons footsteps as queen of understated style...
but lordy, these are some weird, awkward eyebrows.

So now you know,
I am an eyebrow bitch.

okie dokie have a great tuesday!


  1. I love your posts about eyebrows just as much as I love kittens.
    That's a serious compliment.

  2. i <3 LC. caterpillars or not. hehe.


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