Friday, July 9, 2010

Cheaper Alternatives #9

Witch Hazel~
I realize I am excessively redundant,
but as much as I talk about Olay and Witch Hazel,
they are in fact, remarkable products.
Witch Hazel is SO cheap- the Safeway brand costs me $3.99- and is astonishingly effective.
It was discovered by the Native Americans and has been used medicinally for ages.
So, hello, I think I would bank on this stuff.
All other toners have witch hazel as the main ingredient,
and most of the other stuff in there is superfluous
compared to how much more it costs.
Just swab some on between washing and moisturizing
and badabing badaboom
you are looking like Beyonce!

In case you feel cheated by my lack of novelty in this post thus far
(despite my rather impressive vocabulary... I think I got too much sun today LOL!)
I provide you, yet again, with an additional tidbit:
When you scuff your shoes, Sharpies are a great quick fix!


sun bleached hair
beach bonfires
skinny dipping
lincoln logs
filipino food
taking hose showers
singing lullabies
strawberry salads
Berit's cupcakes

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