Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lush Cosmetics Review: Colour Supplement

When Tess and I were downtown yesterday we randomly took a gander over to Lush, a company that makes fresh, handmade cosmetics and skin care products out of mostly natural ingredients.

Not only is it fun to walk around and marvel at all of the incredible (and sometimes incredibly odd) products, but their sales associates are incredibly friendly (almost on the verge of car salesman-ness) and are always offering demos such as face masks or hand treatments... which we gladly indulged in ;)

I was especially intrigued by a product called Colour Supplement, which is a pigmented concentrated foundation of sorts. The genius in it is that it was made to be mixed with whatever face lotion one uses to allow for easier blending and a lighter feel that is healthier for skin. The sales associate who helped me find my color match was extremely helpful as well.

(It blends a little better than this...)

I walked away with a small pot of it, figuring that at $13.95 it would last a long time as long as I mixed it with my face lotion (Olay Complete with SPF 15, as Claire would be happy to know!) it would last just as long as regular foundation.

Especially in a hot climate, putting on foundation is often an unpleasant idea- however, this stuff is light and seems to blend into the skin along with the lotion. It's light, soft, and gentle on my easily irritated skin.

All it took was a teeeensy dab and a bit of lotion the size of my pinky fingernail and it was actually more than enough!

What is also great is that on each product there is a sticker with the photo and name of the person who made it!

This is a product that I definitely recommend, especially as it costs about as much as any regular foundation! Hooray!


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  1. i LOOOOVE lush- and this is a new product to me!
    great find!


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