Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Editorials: Faking Fashion

Years ago when I first created a livejournal for angsty teenager-y posts, I became a member of a community called "faking fashion," where its members/admin basically scan in hi-res photos of spreads from numerous fabulous fashion mags, both old and recent. It's worth creating an account just to ogle the spreads without having to pop $10 every time you want to take a peek at Vogue UK (I am very much guilty of this... sorry tip moolah).

Here's some snapshots of some of my favorite editorials from my recent browsings:

(US Vogue August 2010. Lesson to be learned: layer up! Even if it's 80 degrees out... find a way!)

(Vogue Paris September 2003. Wear menswear and ladylike pieces together with a badass confidence.)

(Vogue UK September 2010. Don't shy away from feminine pieces! Embrace lace and corseted fits and red lips!)

(Vogue UK September 2010. Can I go on a tangent in parentheses? Is that allowed? Good. Kate Moss is one of the only celebrities I've ever seen/heard of that made a legitimate comeback after toeing the dark side. Now she's healthy, is a mother, model, and fashion icon... just check out her designs for Topshop! Okay. Be fierce like Kate Moss. Minus the coke, ya dig?)

Although summer is winding down, at least we can look forward to those September issues ;) Which... by the way... is a FANTASTIC documentary about Vogue USA's Editor-In-Chief and her staff. The Devil Wears Prada was based off of it.


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