Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adventures With Tess Bates!

One of my great friends and roommates from APU, Tess, is visiting Seattle from Chicago before school starts! We've spent the past few days attempting to see and do all the wonderful things here, such as wandering downtown until our feet fall off, going to a Sounder's game, thrifting on the Ave in the University District, and of course drinking COFFEE!

(Tess met someone really special downtown- save the date!)

Also, I made the purchase of a lifetime- the tackiest, pinkest, cutest, weirdest pint tumblers EVER!
(Yes. Yes, that's right)

I realize that I'll garner much criticism from friends and strangers alike for owning these... but I feel no shame. I'll squee a little bit every time I take a sip from one of these bad boys!


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