Monday, March 21, 2011

How To: Feather Extensions

If you are from the Pacific Northwest,
chances are over the last few months you have seen someone sporting feather extensions.
Long rooster feathers are crimped onto strands of hair using crimping beads,
and once in can be washed and styled like the rest of your hair-
you can even use low heat hot tools on them!
Many salons offer this service, but for up to 20$ a "bead"
Here is how to put them in your own hair at a fraction of the price!

Feather Goddess offers the best prices,
and a great high quality selection of colors and styles
I chose white for my hair
available at any craft store,
try and get the smallest ones possible, they will be more inconspicuous
*Crimper- also available from craft stores
*Floss- to thread your hair into the bead

1) Choose your location
2) Fold floss over a few strands of hair, thread your bead onto the floss
3) Using the floss, pull your hair through the bead
4) Thread your feather(s) in- I put two in every bead.
Leave a little extra up at the top so that the feather doesn't break when you crimp it
5) Using your crimping tool, squeeze the bead shut TIGHTLY.
5) Cut off the extra at the top
6) VOILA!!!
Stay lovely!


  1. I love this style! But what do you think will come after feathers for hair? What should I be sticking in my hair to be two steps ahead of the crowd? I was thinking of some possibilities. Feathers make me think of fur, but that is like hair extensions only shorter, so it has already been done. Then I thought scales! Of course, not real ones. But couldn't that actually be kind of neat? I don't know how it would work but I feel like it could work somehow... Maybe scales in decreasing size could trail down a few strands of hair throughout the head... Claire, your thoughts? Am I just crazy?

  2. Sara, love, you are perfectly insane!
    However, I do LOVE the idea of putting things in your hair-
    like hair wraps, beads, glitter strands...
    I hope to be a more classy jack sparrow by summer time :D
    As for scales, what about sequins?
    We should try something like that!

  3. Sequins... interesting, interesting. It could border on tacky; extreme care would have to be taken. We will have to find a classy sequin retailer.


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