Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brushes Part II: Face

Essentials aside, t
here are lots of other options out there to expand your application possibilities.
There are billions of different styles, but here are my chosen favorites for the face:

for quick and easy application and maximum blending power.
Sigma F60
Sephora Collection #47

Fluffier natural hair brushes give a more even,
natural finish and are much faster and easier to use
MAC 224
(most people use this for eyeshadow, but I use it for both!)

I love a smaller blush brush, for more precise application,
with pretty sparse bristling for sheer application that can be built upon.

Domed, soft, densely fibered white goat hair brushes hold onto product
for a targeted but blended application
Cover FX #160
Dual fibered, flat brushes distribute color widely and evenly
MAC 187

Big and fluffy, but not TOO big and fluffy,
with soft, sparse fibers allows powder to be dusted over a large area lightly without caking.
Sigma F15

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