Friday, March 4, 2011


Well, that was awkward.
At least, that's what I found myself thinking after sitting through 3 hours of this years Oscars.
James Franco was devoid of personality,
(but his grandma was great, "I just saw Marky Mark!")
and basically all Anne Hathaway did was change dresses a million times and go "WOOO!"
Oh boy...
Well, perhaps due to shock from the utter horror that was watching the event live,
I actually find myself with out much snarkysharky.
Even where, as Berit pointed out, there was an excess of glitter and fluff,
I really didn't mind.
But I grew up on stage, so glitter and fluff are basically my two best friends.
So, deepest apologies for those who enjoy my diva rants, here are my thoughts:
Sandra Bullock,
fresh off of a seriously eventful year,
looks absolutely stunning-
the dress is a jolt of fresh color,
the silhouette is boldly sculpted yet still graceful.
Plus, she speaks fluent german.
Amy Adams
I love gingers, I love blue, I love sparkles. Rock on.
Halle Berry's Marchesa gown was really beautiful.
But on her, with her incredible skin, perfect pixie cut,
delightful makeup, and gigantic Chopard earrings...
breath taking.
I liked most of the dresses that Anne Hathaway wore,
but this was my favorite.
Very different from any other designs of the night,
the color is incredible, her body looks amazing,
and this is the best hairstyle she wore.
Scarlett Johansson!
oh wait no... its that chick from Winters Bone
(which you all need to see)
As for the real Lady Lost in Translation,
Berit has her thoughts, and I have mine:
saggy boobed lacy sea monster
and haphazardly applied tangerine eyeshadow?
(you knew that I was gonna be at least a LITTLE bit catty :D)
Haley Steinfeld.
an adorable, sweet, princessy, little cupcake dress
a totally precious, talented young actress
I loved her fresh, simple makeup
age appropriate, and with those lashes and that skin,
she looks amazing!
I love that she has left her eyebrows be-
they just add to her youthful charm!
And if all that wasn't cute enough for you:
Helena Bonkers Carter brought the kook in a dress designed by
winner for Best Costume Design (for Alice in Wonderland)
and the more I see of her, the more I just want to be her friend.
She seems so fun and weird!
Michele Williams
Without looking like a grandma,
Ms. Retro manages to find a refined, utterly lovely dress
that suits her pale, vintage, understated style wonderfully-
LOVE the short sleeves!
And check the updated 60's makeup,
all silver eye and peachy lip,
LOVE it!
Continuing her parade of totally awesome dresses,
Florence Welch rocks this creation,
which on any one else would have looked beyond strange.
Penelope Cruz.
um. she had a baby 2 WEEKS AGO.
is there an award of the person I am most jealous of?
that dress is so fun and sassy,
she is so sexy and talented,
her husband is so sexy and talented,
they BOTH already have oscars...
and with all that post-partum glow she looks even better than usual
who knew that was possible?
Miss Selena Gomez's basic red dress.
Plus, I adore her date.
(lets be real, I have the Fever)

Some golden moments from the show included:
Celine Dion, looking like a Canadian angel,
singing "smile" during the touching tribute montage
winning Best Art Direction for Alice in Wonderland,
Robert Stromberg and Karen O'hara put miniature Mad Hatter hats on their oscars.
This awesome NYU grad, who won for Best Short Film for Love
He was so cute and thanked his mom for doing craft services
and his girlfriend for composing the score.

And when
Inception won an award for Best Visual Effects,
I just knew that somewhere,
Joseph Gordon Levitt was all

So, there you have it,
a week late :D
Stay lovely


  1. i love amy adams, but she looked kind of... crazy in all the photos from that night. her dress is incredible though. -B

  2. German is such a sexy language.


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