Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brushes Part I: Essentials

Brushes are the single most important thing to any makeup artist.
A good set of brushes opens up a whole new world of opportunities and abilities-
EVERYONE needs at least a few good brushes.
They are pricey, but if you are going to spend, always spend on good brushes.
They can make even cheap, bad makeup look amazing.

For convenience sake, this post will be divided into 4 parts:
Essentials, Face, Eyes, and Lips

So what are the essentials for everyday?
A good eye shadow brush, blush brush, and foundation brush:

Eye Shadow
A large, domed, densely fibered brush makes sweeping on eyeshadow simple
and can be used for a sheer wash of product,
or to build up for more concentrated color.

A medium sized, domed, fluffy brush for buildable, even application

A large brush makes fast and blended application a breeze,
and can be used for cream or liquid foundation.

If you like powdered mineral foundations (which I personally hate)
A kabuki brush is your best bet for buffing product into the skin

(read on for part II!)

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