Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brushes Part III: Eyes

Eyeshadow application offers the most possibilities for adventure in makeup,
but only with the right tools!

Precise Application/Smudging
*Short, flat, dense bristles help to pack color on without scattering

*Pencil shapes, with stiff, tapered bristles are great for corner or eyeliner work

*Angled brushes are great for fast and precise lines with gel, liquid, or shadow liner.
Can be used for can eyes or smokey eyes, or even on eyebrows.
*Thin brushes with stiff bristles work with liquid or gel liner for thin lines that can be built up.

Long, soft, domed bristles disperse color evenly and thinly
*White goat hair is more strong blending,
*pony hair is more for really soft light blending

Crease Work
Similar to blending brushes, but with tapered bristles for getting into the socket
Louise Young LY38

*Angled brushes with very stiff very sparse bristles allow you use powder
to get in between the hairs to fill in light spots and add color and shape.

*A dry swirl spool mascara wand for brushing through brows,
to shape them or to blend in product


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