Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Trevor Project: It Gets Better

In the wake of the recent string of suicides committed by gay teens as a result of the abuse and bullying they endured at their schools and in their communities, there has been a lot of public outcry against the way that society treats gay or questioning individuals.

The Trevor Project is a support organization that works towards establishing acceptance and eliminating violence against LGBT youth. They offer hotlines and other means of support as well. They have started a video campaign called "It Gets Better," were celebrities and civilians alike post videos offering support and advice to questioning or LGBT youth that are struggling with bullying or suicidal thoughts.

Furthermore, you can go to and donate your Facebook status for the Human Rights Campaign for the National Coming Out day that officially starts in less than a minute!

I believe that no matter what your religion, race, gender, or sexuality, it is not acceptable to torment someone to death because they're different from you. No religion asks its followers to taunt, tease, and physically abuse anyone because their way of life is something you disagree with.

So check out these videos and forgive my rants please :)


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