Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Melissa Shoes

Melissa shoes makes some really fabulous pumps, sandals, and flats out of "MELFLEX," a recyclable, hypo-allergenic plastic. Their pieces are really fun and stylish, are reasonably priced most of the time, and really cover a wide range of styles and tastes.

I LOVE these Ultragirl Bamboo flats- they've got a great rumpled-paper print on them that is just fascinating to look at:

And the quirky little peep toe design catches you by surprise, too:

It's really neat to see all the different kinds of vegan, recyclable, and biodegradable footwear popping up everywhere these days! Or along an even more philanthropic vein, check out Osborn Shoes, which Claire blogged about a while back.

Add Melissa Shoes to the list of designers following the "green trend"... plus it doesn't hurt that these quirky things on sale! ;)


P.S. School is really crazy right now for all of us... what do you do to relax and de-stress? What kind of clothes do you drift towards when you've got a huge test to take or have been up studying all night?


  1. we joke all the time here about how i don't wear colors, so let's get real. probably something grey and sweater related. but what's not wonderful about sweaters right?
    sweaters and tea and cinematic orchestra :)

  2. my fringey boots from japan are my test day staples.
    fringe is awesome.


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