Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MORE discount stuff!

Here I am back from midterms and I survived!
In light of Berit's post on Hautelook (where I have gotten some awesome possum stuff!)
There is this awesome little website called
they sell all the best brands at a discount! It's great!

I doodled a little bit on friday night:

it started out like this

then turned into this:
(check my sick shirt lol)

Also, here is a little random to brighten your day:
(the picture has white edges, thats why this font is so low, chill)
If you haven't seen the lebanese movie Caramel, get on that.
Its one of my favorite films.
I know how you feel jacob,
I wish we were doing the naughty right now too :(
The first part of HP is coming out in a MONTH

and this AMAZING picture



  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!! your hair looks super good, and your makeup makes me want to kiss you.

    <3 miss you

  2. haha i thought of you when i posted about caramel :)


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